Raised By Wolves Volume four- Wolves

Raised By Wolves Volume four- Wolves by W. A. Hoffman Read Free Book Online Page B

Book: Raised By Wolves Volume four- Wolves by W. A. Hoffman Read Free Book Online
Authors: W. A. Hoffman
have anymenthere?”
“There be three dead, sir, and Wally there,” a man reported from the stairs and pointed at the body that had preceded Pete over the rail.
“They did say that one be the worst, followed by the Frenchie,”Jeffries said apologetically.
Thorp gave a disgusted snort. “I do recall that. Thank you, Jeffries. If I ever dealwith this motley set of colonials again, I will try and remember that occasionally they are a good judge ofa man’s talents.”
Two men hauled me to my feet; Thorp instructed one to hold a pistol to my head as we walked, and the other to keep a knife at my throat. Thorp snatched Sarah to her feet and held his pistol to her jaw. The rest of Thorp’s men packed closely about us as we made our way out the door and down the street. I could not see anythingbeyond the press ofmenand their torches as we made our wayto the wharfs onThames.
I was not resolved in my decision to go with them. My fear mounted with every step, and I nearly told the Gods that I wished for someone to ignore the agreement and rescue us, even if it meant my life. But that was a coward’s recourse. Was I not a better man than that? I reassured myselfwith the faith I had felt when I looked into Pete’s eyes. The Gods were with me, and mylove and myfriends would find me.

Eighty-Five Wherein I Battle Demons
    We were placed in a longboat and rowed to two ships anchored in the harbor: one a fine twelve-gun frigate, and the other a nimble-seeming sloop with eight guns. Despair and fear blossomed anew: the frigate would not be easy for the Virgin Queen to take with the sloop as escort. My father, or perhaps Thorp, had prepared wellfor facingpirates.
    And then a new chill gripped me as we drew alongside the prisonthat would carryus to England.
“Is myfather here?”I asked Thorp.
Sarah’s breathcaught at mywords.
Thorp regarded me withincredulity. “Nay, ofcourse not. A lord does not travel to the New World for matters of this
type.” “Lord Montren’s father came to collect his son last
year,”I said. “And he is a Marquis.”
    Thorp snorted and shrugged dismissively as he stood to take the ladder. “I have never understood the French.”
“And is our cousinhere, Jacob Shane?”I asked:pleased myvoice remained level.
Thorp paused in leaning down to pull Sarah up. “Your cousindoes not travel.”His tone was curious.
“Good,”Sarahsaid softly.
“Good,”Sarahsaid softly.
Thorp looked to her. “I understand you are responsible
for that.”“Good,”Sarahsaid firmly.
    Thorp seemed to find amusement inthis.
We were soon aboard. Thorp led Sarah toward the cabins, and I was escorted below by Jeffries and several of the mercenaries. Once in the hold, I was taken to a room of sorts: formed by the hull, a bulkhead, and stacks of crates and barrels that reached to the ceiling. There was a thin pallet in the corner, with a big hoop for a chain bored into a beam. Jeffries passed me to two bald, ugly, and burly men equipped with clubs; one huge and older; the other younger and smaller, but quite muscular. The big one was introduced as Watkins, the smaller as his assistant, Lots. I was told theywere to be mygaolers.
I was thankful for Sarah’s sake that she would have a cabin. Then I was annoyed that—as she was a woman—they would not consider her a sufficient threat to keep in chains. Then I realized that was possibly to our advantage. Thorp did not appear to be a stupid man, and he had seenher mettle, but many of the other men aboard this craft could surely be swayed by feminine wiles.
Watkins and Lots removed mybonds and replaced them with manacles and leg irons which were attached to the iron hoop inthe beam. Theywere indeed gaolers, or perhaps slavers, as they seemed experienced in the handling of a man as if he were a piece oflivestock; and were quite cautious ininsuringthat I was never free to strike one of themwithout the other being in
a position to exact retribution and prevent my taking

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