Rebekka Franck - 03 - Five, Six ... Grab Your Crucifix

Rebekka Franck - 03 - Five, Six ... Grab Your Crucifix by Willow Rose Read Free Book Online Page A

Book: Rebekka Franck - 03 - Five, Six ... Grab Your Crucifix by Willow Rose Read Free Book Online
Authors: Willow Rose
Tags: Horror, Mystery
autopsy, what does that conclude?”
    The officer cleared his throat and spoke in a strange high-pitched voice. “We haven’t received that yet,” he said.
    “Will there be any charges against the church members for not calling for an ambulance?” I asked. That was one of the things I mentioned in my article as slightly suspicious.
    “I don’t know yet,” he said. His voice was shaking strangely. He was about to hang up when I stopped him with another question:
    “Why didn’t they call for help?” I asked. “What was their explanation?”
    “I really have to go now,” the officer said. Then he hung up. I lifted my head and looked at Sune and the kids playing the video game. It all seemed a little fishy, I thought while tapping my pen on the table. What could their excuse possibly be to not call for help right away once the Priest had fallen sick? Were they that afraid of the world outside? Were they that self-sufficient that they thought they didn’t need the world surrounding them?
    Sune beat Julie in a game and they all screamed, waking up Dad who had been snoring from the couch with the paper across his chest for hours. I laughed when I saw Julie’s dissatisfied look. It was good for her to lose every now and then. She was good at almost anything and she needed to learn to lose without throwing a fit. She crossed her arms in front of her chest, and then sat on the couch with an angry sound. I looked at my laptop, and then wrote in the last statements from the police about not pressing charges, for letting the man die without calling for help. Then I pressed ‘send’ and closed the lid. I smiled and walked over to Julie. I sat next to her.
    “Wanna try to beat me?” I said.
    She growled then looked at me. “Okay,” she said and got up.
    At least five games and two hours later I finally gave up. Even as hard as I tried I couldn’t beat Julie. She was way too good. It gave a boost to her self-esteem and soon Tobias took over trying to beat her.
    I threw myself on the couch with a sigh. Dad had begun preparing dinner, Sune helping him. I went to the kitchen and joined them in some grown-up playing. I enjoyed watching the two men I loved chopping vegetables, discussing recipes and exchanging cooking tricks and ideas. This was really an area they had in common and where I was left completely out. Instead I grabbed the paper and started reading it. Sune brought me a glass of red wine that I enjoyed while they cooked. Every now and then I lifted my head and stared at the two of them feeling like the luckiest woman on the face of this planet.
     Sune grabbed a glass of wine of his own and when he was done chopping onions he approached me. He sat on the chair in front of me.
    “So are you thinking what I’m thinking?” he asked while sipping his wine.
    My eyes left the paper and locked with his. “My dad is right there!?” I whispered surprised.
    Sune shook his head. “No, that wasn’t what I meant.” He paused to laugh. “I meant the autopsy. Aren’t you curious as to what killed him?”
    “The Priest?”
    “You know anyone else that died within the last twenty-four hours?” he asked grinning.
    I paused and stared at him ignoring his remark. “Is the internet connection good enough for that up here?”
    “I should think so,” he said. “Otherwise I have ways to make it better.”
    “The police said they hadn’t received it yet. But I would love to read the statements made by the other church members. I would like to read their explanation to why they didn’t call for help.”
    “That’s easy to find,” Sune said and sipped some wine. “I bet they don’t protect their systems very well out here in the country. Don’t think they get many cyber-attacks.”
    “Then by all means go ahead,” I said.

Chapter 10
    Hans Christian was tired of meetings and discussions. All day long they had been talking about how they should proceed without the Priest. Even when Isabella left the camp

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