Rebekka Franck - 03 - Five, Six ... Grab Your Crucifix

Rebekka Franck - 03 - Five, Six ... Grab Your Crucifix by Willow Rose Read Free Book Online

Book: Rebekka Franck - 03 - Five, Six ... Grab Your Crucifix by Willow Rose Read Free Book Online
Authors: Willow Rose
Tags: Horror, Mystery
group again all of a sudden? Did he want to be?
    “Well I guess I think it is important that we keep on as usual in order to keep the youngsters calm. They’re scared to death. We need to get back to normal at any cost.”
    Isabella nodded to his surprise. “I couldn’t agree more,” she said.
    Hans Christian was surprised that she had even asked for his advice and he had never thought she would agree with him.
    “The worst thing we can do is let panic get the best of us. So let’s get back to doing what we normally do and proceed with the ceremonies that we had planned for this week. Anders might not be here anymore, but he still lives on in us. In this place we have built for his cause, for our cause.”
    Hans Christian scoffed at her last words. Like she had ever built anything. She was still a teenager when they had started this place and now she acted like she owned everything. Sure she was beautiful and he got why everybody adored her and listened to her every word. She was like the ice queen in Narnia he would say, but not many would probably agree with him on that. He saw her evil though even the Priest hadn’t managed to do so. She had driven this church too far, he thought. She had made them do things Hans Christian didn’t like. That was when the Priest had started to freeze him out. After the night, with the kid, with those green eyes, oh how he could still see them. He remembered them staring at him. It sent chills up his back just thinking about them. After that night, Hans Christian had declared that if this was the way things were going, then he wasn’t in anymore. To his surprise the Priest had just accepted that and then kept him out of everything. Hans Christian hated him for that. But even more he hated her for turning the Priest against him. The man he had loved for many years. A love that was higher than any other love he had ever encountered. It was deeper, more profound. And now he was gone. Hans Christian didn’t even get to say a proper goodbye.
    Last night had been horrendous. Hans Christian had been the first to run for the Priest’s room once he heard the initial scream. He wanted desperately to call for an ambulance, but Isabella had refused. “No ambulance can help him out of this,” she had exclaimed. “We need to do it ourselves.”
    So they had tried to drive the demon out of the Priest’s body, but with no luck. Terrified they had watched him die a slow and agonizing death. Reduced to nothing but a squealing, drooling monster bathing in his own excrement.
    Just before he took his final breath Hans Christian could have sworn he saw a reflection of the Chernobyl-kid in the Priests’ eye. She was looking directly at Hans Christian and pointing in his direction.

Chapter 9
    The article almost wrote itself, I thought when I re-read it to make sure I had gotten it all in. It was quite good. I had left out all Esther had told about the Chernobyl-kid and instead just written that one girl once disappeared from the camp and was never seen again, but that it was a rumor and that there were many rumors engulfing the sect. The portrait of the Priest was pretty standard, written based on what I could find about him in early interviews and other articles written over the years. I called Sara at the newspaper in Karrebaeksminde and had her collect everything she could find about him for me. It was an okay article but probably not much better than what all the other papers had.
    Sune’s pictures of the camp turned out to be excellent and as soon as I had gathered everything there was only one thing left for me to do. I called the local police to hear if there would be an investigation of the death of the Priest and if they had the autopsy ready. I spoke to the head of the police department in Vipperoed. He was nice, but couldn’t tell me much.
    “So far we consider the death to be natural,” he said. “There is no indication that it should be otherwise.”
    “What about the

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