Reflection (The Chrysalis Series)

Reflection (The Chrysalis Series) by Elene Sallinger Read Free Book Online

Book: Reflection (The Chrysalis Series) by Elene Sallinger Read Free Book Online
Authors: Elene Sallinger
care of this inconvenience. Do you understand?’ His voice, once so provocative, was hard enough to cut glass.
    She’d gaped at him, at a complete loss.
    ‘Do you understand me, Skyler?’
    ‘You can’t force me to do this. What if I want to keep it?’
    He’d stood then and moved over to where she sat slumped in the chair closest to the door. Leaning over her shoulder, he’d been close enough that she could smell the tang of coffee on his breath and the scent of his cologne. He’d grabbed her breast and squeezed hard, forcing her to arch. She cried out and he only squeezed harder.
    ‘You don’t get it yet, you little slut, do you?’ He’d grabbed her ponytail and pulled her head back so that their eyes met. ‘You’re nothing but a piece of pussy to me, but I’ll not have you ruining that pussy as long as I feel like using it. Nor will I have you trapping me with a brat. You will keep that appointment or I will make you wish you’d never been fucking born.’
    Squatting in the stall of the ladies’ room, Skyler began to laugh. Shows what he knew. She already wished she’d never been born.
    Gathering herself, she stood on wobbly knees. She flushed and waited for a few more deep breaths before lurching to the sink. Her skin was flushed and her eyes were red-rimmed and swollen from crying. She looked like hell and felt worse.
    After splashing cold water on her face, she ripped several paper towels out of the dispenser and blotted before balling them up and shoving them into the trash can. One more deep breath and she turned and shrieked.
    ‘Professor Ross!’ Her heart raced a mile a minute. She hadn’t heard the professor come in. She’d probably been too busy crying.
    Professor Ross was leaning against the door to the restroom. She held Skyler’s backpack in her hand. A small frown crinkled her brow. Other than that she was the picture of calm. Skyler had always admired her. She was sexy and classy and funny and she always had a nice word for her students.
    So many times she’d watched in awe as the professor had made complex chemical ideas sound fun and interesting. Skyler considered her a mentor and role model. Right now, though, she was the last person Skyler wanted to see.
    ‘Skyler, sugar,’ she drawled the way she did in that light Southern twang that made her sound like the classiest phone sex operator out there. ‘You wanna tell me what’s going on?’
    ‘Professor. No disrespect –’ Skyler held up a hand as if to ward the professor off ‘– but, no I don’t.’
    ‘Are you pregnant?’
    Skyler didn’t deny it, but she didn’t feign outrage either. She was too damn tired.
    ‘Professor, that’s really none of your business.’
    ‘Skyler, I just want to help. Please talk to me.’
    More tears welled in Skyler’s eyes and she could feel her lips wobble, but she wasn’t going to cry now. Her tears wouldn’t solve anything.
    ‘You can’t help me, Professor. No one can.’
    Squaring her shoulders, Skyler walked to Professor Ross and held out her hand for her backpack. The professor hesitated; concern shone out of her green eyes, but she ultimately gave Skyler the pack and moved aside.
    Skyler felt like a true shit for her attitude, but what could Professor Ross do for her? He was her boss, after all.
    Bridget watched Skyler retreat down the hallway. She moved like she had the world on her shoulders. If the girl was pregnant, this wouldn’t be the first time it had happened to one of her students. She only hoped whoever had knocked her up would step up and be responsible. She had a very bad feeling, however, that this “unchangeable appointment” was an abortion.
    Not that Bridget was passing judgment. It was between each person’s conscience and God whether they took that route or not, but the risks were so high if Skyler didn’t take care of this the right way.
    After all, she should know. Unconsciously, Bridget rested a hand on her lower abdomen. Yes, she should definitely

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