Replay by Drew Wagar Read Free Book Online

Book: Replay by Drew Wagar Read Free Book Online
Authors: Drew Wagar
Tags: adventure, Opera, story, Short, space, elite, oolite
Can you read?
    If so, you’re one of the lucky ones.
    My Oolite books will always remain free to download and
read. I deliberately make no financial gain from them. However if you enjoy
them and would like to show your appreciation, I would like to suggest a
donation to a charity local to me: the Ashford Dyslexia Centre.
    Dyslexic children and adults find it very difficult to
access the written word, particularly in the traditional ‘black text on white
background’ format adopted for most printed material. This can cause acute
‘visual stress’ . It’s been estimated that the dyslexic
brain has to work around four to five times as hard to process text when
compared to a non-dyslexic. Imagine trying to read a block of text when the
words keep shifting position, change size, re-order themselves and go blurred
at whim – that’s what traditional books look like to a dyslexic person.
    In children this can lead to behavioural problems as they
are not able to understand why they can’t access text as easily as others.
Schools are typically unequipped to detect or deal with the needs of dyslexic
children. As a result children are frequently labelled as ‘stupid’ or ‘slow’
despite overall high intelligence. Given that most teaching and testing focuses
around the written word (clearly you have to be able to read the question in
order to answer it) dyslexic children are disadvantaged on all sides, unable to
demonstrate the abilities they do have. Writing is also problematic.
    Often, dyslexic children have far superior non-verbal
reasoning, logic and sequencing abilities. They often demonstrate higher
degrees of musicianship, creativity, entrepreneurial and empathic abilities.
Crucial to getting support to help people with dyslexia is an expert diagnosis
and the subsequent recommendations. There are many ways to help; ebook readers, special glasses, additional time for exams
and so on.
    The Ashford Dyslexia Centre exists to advise ,
diagnose, support and provide specialist teaching for those affected by
dyslexia in my home town. People with dyslexia may have a problem with
traditional books, but they still love stories. Please consider helping them to
access what we take for granted as book-lovers.
    You can donate at
    Thank you. .

world around him appeared through a flash of chromatic light. Consciousness
returned. He panicked, trying to remember where he was and what he'd been
fire flashed around him; collimated energy striking dangerously close by.
      Where am I?
      Knowledge seemed to flood back into his brain,
as if being downloaded from somewhere: memories, impressions, skills. It was
accompanied by a vague sense of familiarity.
      This has happened before...
was no time to think. He was strapped into a flight chair, a dizzying array of
instruments and controls before and around him. Instinctively he knew what to do, he was an Elite Combateer after all.
      How did I know that? I can't even remember
my name...
      He spun his ship around. A length of dark hull
panel flashed past the viewer, followed by a cyan exhaust plume.
    ' Jax ! What are you doing? Are you
hurt?' a voice demanded from the narrow-band comms , ' Jax !'
      That's me, I'm Jax . Yet...
      A pirate attack! He must have been knocked
unconscious for a moment, perhaps a missile impact or a collision with another
ship. More memories returned as they were required – yes a missile. They had
been attempting a trade run through a feudal system. Three pirate vessels had
intercepted them. A desperate fight.
triggered the laser. The ship before him spun, losing control and abruptly
      One hit? Was that all?
shot! Thought you'd bought it there for a moment!'
voice belonged to his partner in crime. Both tagged as 'offenders' for some
minor smuggling offences. It had been a mistake. Anyone could shoot down an
offender without fear of retribution, honest traders,

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