Restore Me (Book 2.5 Kin Series)

Restore Me (Book 2.5 Kin Series) by Jennifer Foor Read Free Book Online

Book: Restore Me (Book 2.5 Kin Series) by Jennifer Foor Read Free Book Online
Authors: Jennifer Foor
things were running through my mind, but I knew I had to get her out of my place so I could figure things out alone.
    I stood up and started walking toward my room to get dressed.
    “Joey, where are you going?”
    “I’ve got somethin’ to do later. Sorry, I need to get dressed.”
    I was right about it being different and knew I never should have invited her over. It was a huge mistake. After getting completely dressed as if I did have plans, I saw Candace come into the room. She walked up and put her arms around me. “Are we cool?”
    I looked down and kissed the top of her head. “Yeah. Sorry. I’ll see you Wednesday for our usual appointment. This thing I have to do just slipped my mind.”
    Candace gathered her clothes and finally left a few minutes later. As soon as she was gone I felt like I could breathe again. I jumped in the shower and stood there letting the hot water fall over me. I couldn’t believe that even the idea of having anything more with a woman had me so messed up. I punched the shower wall, feeling more frustrated with myself than ever before. I’d worked so damn hard to get to where I was. The last thing I needed was complications.
    Then it hit me.
    I knew just how to fix things.
    Lacey was going to help me do it, without even knowing. I’d use her to get this phobia out of my system and then I’d be over it. It wasn’t like she’d ever want to be with someone like me, so it was perfect. I’d be able to finally get her out of my system and get used to having someone over.
    All I had to do was convince her that she wanted to spend time alone with me.
    The following weekend, she showed up right as it was getting dark. I saw her pull in through my window, but knew she’d need coaxing. With some quick thinking, I tossed the remote back behind the couch where I knew I couldn’t reach it. Sure, I could pick up the furniture and grab it with ease, but this would get her inside for sure.
    “Lace, you think you could help me for a sec?”
    The moment she looked over I saw something out of her that she’d never shown me.
    She liked what she was seeing. It was one thing I hadn’t planned, but being shirtless was working to my advantage. She attempted to play it off, but I knew what I saw. “I’m not coming in there so you can get me in your bed, Joey. How many times are we going to go over this?”
    I leaned on the door and played with trim. “I need someone with small hands to reach behind the cou ch and get my remote. When I tried to move the couch, it bunched up the carpet and I don’t want to risk tearin’ it, but thanks for reminding me how we’re never goin’ to hook up.”
    I almost laughed when I saw her expression change, as if she felt bad for accusing me of something else, when all the while it was exactly what was happening.
    “I guess I need to stop putting it on the back of the headrest.”
    Lacey came into my place and bent down on her knees. I stood there watching her, admiring the view of her perfect backside “Why didn’t you just use a broom or something to pull it out?”
    “Because the broom wouldn’t look as good as your ass does stickin’ up in the air.”
    She came out fast and threw the remote at me. “You’re such a dick!”
    I couldn’t stop laughing at her. She was so pissed. “Thanks for your help, and for the show.”
    She got close and I prepared to be slapped. “This is why you’ll never have me.”
    I grabbed her arms while she tried to wiggle out of my hold. “I will have you, Lace.” I put my lips up to her ear, taking in the scent of her skin as I spoke. “It’s only a matter of time before you come beggin’.”
    She slapped me hard across the face. I grabbed her hand again and pulled he r into my lips. She backed away and pointed at me. “Don’t you ever do that again!”
    “Why?” I laughed. “You’ve been dreamin’ of that for weeks.”
    “Screw you and you’re sloppy ass attempt. If you touch me again, I swear you’ll be

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