Return of the Cartier Cartel

Return of the Cartier Cartel by Nisa Santiago Read Free Book Online

Book: Return of the Cartier Cartel by Nisa Santiago Read Free Book Online
Authors: Nisa Santiago
Tags: Drama, African American women, African American - Urban Life
screamed. “Monya’s awake. We gotta go!”
    The whole family piled up into Jason’s Benz and rushed to the hospital. Janet, Li’l Momma, and Bam were already there. Cartier’s face was flushed with happy tears because she knew in her heart that Monya was coming back. She was a fighter!
    As Cartier rushed to her bedside, disappointment quickly sank in as Cartier looked down only to see that Monya wasn’t awake.
    “What happened?” Cartier asked, searching for answers in Janet’s eyes.
    “Cartier, she woke up for me. My baby spoke.” Janet tried to choke back tears but was unsuccessful. A mother’s love came pouring out. “She tried to speak, but all she could say was ‘Momma . . .’”
    “She really spoke?”
    “Yes, she did . . . she wanted her momma.”
    “But,” Cartier looked down at Monya. “Is she just asleep?”
    Janet shook her head as the tears came flowing back down. “She slipped back in a coma—”
    Li’l Momma interjected. “But she’ll wake back up again. The doctors said that things like this can happen.”
    “Of course she will,” Trina chimed in. “We all know she’s a fighter and she has too much to live for. And she’s already proved that she misses us by giving us this Christmas present. Janet, don’t give up. Monya will be back with us soon enough.”
    Everyone stayed at Monya’s bedside, kissing her face, rubbing her head, and updating her on their Christmas. Jason went out and brought back takeout from the diner and they all made an evening thanking God for the miracle.

Chapter 7
    The Cartel
    Mink weather rolled around again, and Cartier, Bam, and Li’l Momma didn’t disappoint. All three women were bundled up snugly in their luxurious garments as they hopped inside the deluxe CLS63 AMG Mercedes with the sleepy eyes. Cartier thought the windows were so small, it looked like a person with their eyelids hung low. The cookies-and-cream-colored car was Jason’s latest toy, but for the moment Cartier and her crew were riding on 22’s on their way to the Dominican beauty parlor, Sophie’s, for a quick wash and set. Jason’s vanity plates, h8ter, spoke volumes.
    Tonight anyone in New York City who was well known would be going to Club Roxy for a New Year’s Eve party given by Don Poo, a local promoter who always threw the best parties.
    Cartier pulled up in front of the salon, so all the nosy bitches could see her ride. Then she told Bam and Li’l Momma that she’d go and park. It was no longer a secret that she and Jason were back, so Cartier felt that if people were going to run their mouths, she’d give them something to say, like how she pulled up in the latest whip.
    Moments later she joined her friends. As Cartier came strutting through the doors, all eyes were fixated on her. She noticed a few familiar faces and exchanged head nods.
    To her amazement, she saw a face from the past. Jynx from East New York, Brooklyn was in there getting her hair done. She no longer sported the crazy blond Mohawk style; it appeared as if she’d let her hair grow out and had darkened it slightly. The last Cartier had heard, Jynx had gone to live down South after all the drama that went down. Her best friend Breezy had tried to kill her by stabbing her repeatedly, trying to collect on some insurance scam. After that no one heard from her.
    Cartier wondered what made her come back. She wanted to walk over and get the gossip, but Jynx was giving off the I-don’t-want-to-be-bothered energy, so Cartier just kept it moving.
    “What’s up, Cartier?”
    Cartier spun around to see a girl that reminded her of herself. The eldest of three girls, she was making quite a name for herself throughout the boroughs. She was the head of her own crew and hustling to keep money in her pockets.
    “Whaddup, Apple? How you be?”
    “I be good.” Apple stood up, so Cartier could admire her latest gear. “Just tryna maintain.”
    “Maintain? You’re all of seventeen years old. You better maintain

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