Revenge Sex

Revenge Sex by Celeste Anwar Read Free Book Online

Book: Revenge Sex by Celeste Anwar Read Free Book Online
Authors: Celeste Anwar
                  Monica Hudgens hated her boss--hated him with a passion that bordered on obsession.  Every time she saw him walk into his corner office with the view of downtown Atlanta, it made her want to vomit.
                  Anyone with a working set of eyes in their head could see he had the leisure time to spend beautifying himself every day, at every opportunity.  His slightly long, black hair had seen the sheers of the finest men’s salon.  His clean-shaven face was wrinkle and blemish free, and bordered on model/actor good looks with thick black brows, high cheekbones, and an aquiline straight nose that had never seen any bone-crunching action.  His blue eyes pierced with their cold clarity.
                  Underneath his sleek , silk Armani suits was a body no one in the office had ever seen firsthand, but everyone could tell he spent many hours in th e gym working on his physique, building up his pectorals and biceps to the point that he needed custom-tailored suits to hold him all in.  He didn’t have the typical office worker body.  Or the salary, if his suits and the Lamborghini parked in the closest parking space to the elevator in the parking garage was any indication.
                  Normally, signs of wealth and vigorous health didn’t piss her off—it was his attitude toward her that had made her dread going in to the office day after day.  From the moment she’d been hired, she’d sensed an animosity from him.  He’d never made it apparent in front of any of her co-workers, and when she’d said something to some of the women she worked with, they’d laughed at her and thought she was crazy.  Everyone that worked under Mr. Jack Knightley adored him for the healthy bonuses he doled out to his loyal workers.  Research on the internet indicated that he’d never had one scandal so much as ruffle one hair on his pretty head.
                  So why did she have the feeling that every time she entered the room, his eyes bore holes through her.  Monica didn’t dare say anything about her suspicions to anyone else.  They were all too loyal to count on not stabbing her in the back .  I n this day and age when it was so tough to find a good job, she didn’t want to risk causing an uproar for no reason only to see herself out on the street with a degree and nowhere to use it.
                  And so it was that she’d begun to hatch a plan to blackmail him out of her life.   If he was stupid enough to make a move on her, he’d rue the day personnel ever hired her into his office.
                  She’d begun her campaign by shortening the skirts she wore in to work.   The black stockings with the red seam up the back directing the eye to look straight up to her goodies had left nary a man unmoved.  Monica knew her ass looked good.  It was round and juicy, and her boyfriends had always had a thing for smacking and grabbing it.  If she thought anything would work on Mr. Knightley, it was showing off her ample backside.
                  All the short skirts got her, however, were extra duties she thought the office manager was supposed to take care of.  She found herself with the tedious extra task of inventorying the office supply closet nightly.
                  She hadn’t been deterred.
                  When the “show-off-her-ass” tactic didn’t work, she started wearing her clingy, silk blouses cut low ov er her breasts.  Instead of saving her good bras for a night out on the town, she started wearing the heavy padded, lacy and see- through undergarments to work.  Liking the way her dark breasts practically burst out of her shirt and begged for a good petting , she was rewarded for showing off with a new advertising account which had cut her outside social life down to nothing.   She couldn’t remember the last time she’d gotten out of work and the sun

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