Ride Hard

Ride Hard by Evelyn Glass Read Free Book Online

Book: Ride Hard by Evelyn Glass Read Free Book Online
Authors: Evelyn Glass
    His greedy hands kneaded her breasts while coils of desire looped and twisted through his stomach. Carrying her, he took her to the bed. After opening the button on her jeans, he tugged them down along with panties. Naked, she spread before like a wild flower. His mind, every nerve in his body, was focused on one thing only and that that was tumultuous cords of desire that careened through his system. Every cell in his body ignited and fired. As he took off his clothes, his gaze traveled down the length of her body until he could see her warm, moist velvety center. Her thighs parted and her hand crept down to massage the sensitive nub as she waited for him to join her.
    Lust spiraled through in a cacophony of sensations.
    This was crazy.
    Only she could draw him to such heights of absolute madness. He loved it.
    As he feasted his eyes on her nubile, young body, he felt her gaze travel from his broad, strong shoulders, his wide chest, the narrow waist, and the lean legs. She halted her observation when she saw his penis that jutted out proudly from between thick curls. Vibrations, low and wild, ran through his cock as he noticed her reaction.
    When he stood naked in front of her, she sat. Her hand captured his hard balls and before he could think or shift, she bent her head and her tongue flicked to touch the tip of his penis. He quivered and opened his legs. She inhaled sharply as if enjoying the musky scent of his arousal. His fingers cleaved through her hair and held on with a tight grip as she nibbled her way up to the tip of his blood-engorged organ. He pushed his cock deep inside her mouth as her lips closed around his shaft. Her tongue sucked and caressed, stroked and rubbed as he throbbed with need. As he stood with his feet apart, Nick felt the wild waves of passion that ripped through his body.
    No woman ever pleased him this much. It wasn’t just that she knew what to do, but he could feel her hunger that matched his, and he could sense the love that she hid so well behind her words and deeds. As her tongue danced with his cock, he felt the outpouring of her need.  
    He was going to come.
    In an instant, he pulled away. “No,” she shrieked.
    But he wasn’t in the mood to listen. With a quick tug of his hands on her shoulders, he forced her to lie on the mattress. He mounted her. Bending his head, he closed his mouth over her nipple and sucked with greed. Her back arched as she tried to push her breast deeper in his mouth. His hand squeezed over the other mound as the tip of his penis hovered over her moist pussy. Desire, hot as fire, exploded inside his stomach and a lava of need rushed through.
    He simply couldn’t hold on any longer.
    Removing his hands from her breasts, he put them under her butt and squeezed her flesh. His cock pushed deep inside before she had a chance to shift. Her pussy, lubricated with juices, stretched to take him in. He could feel her muscles clench and unclench as she wrapped her legs around his hips. Putting his elbows on the bed, he kept his weight off her. Pulling back her arms over her head, he thrust inside her. His pelvic bone ground against hers and sensations, wild and raw, careened through his flustered nerves.
    As big and hard he was, she was soft and pliable. Her sexy curves fit perfectly against his stocky body. Her head shook from side to side as she was swept along the current of desire. Stroke for stroke, they moved in rhythm. The need for release build inside him, strong and powerful, and still he held on. He wanted to take his sweet time and give her a ride of her life. As her hips shifted in unison with his, he could feel her spiraling higher and higher until finally her body shuddered under his. The orgasm ripped through her with the force of a hurricane, and she let out a scream.
    Only when he was sure that she got her due that he allowed himself to fall through. His seed spilled inside her, and

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