Rise of the Dunamy

Rise of the Dunamy by James R. Landrum Read Free Book Online Page B

Book: Rise of the Dunamy by James R. Landrum Read Free Book Online
Authors: James R. Landrum
useful, Bishop had thrown up his hands and proclaimed that he was ‘Trying to think outside the box!’ He said that these were the type of people they needed to talk to because, if they were willing to call about such stupid things, they would be willing to talk to them about anything they knew. In order to calm him down, Sofia accepted his explanation and they followed up on his list for the remainder of the day. She had hoped that by allowing him to finish the day on his list, he would drop the idea and they could move on the next day. Instead, the next morning he had added more calls to his list and she had been forced to waste another day of work following up on Bishop’s ‘creative thinking’. Although she hated that another crime scene had been located overnight, Sofia was the slightest big pleased that she wouldn’t be stuck tracking down meddlesome neighbors and “concerned citizens”.
    “What paperwork are you looking through?” She inquired as she glared at him, incapable of overlooking the way she believed he had been intentionally sabotaging their case.
    “Eh. Just looking through some other stuff to try and get my head clear.” Bishop replied, never looking up from the assortment of papers.
    “How’s that working out for you?” She snapped condescendingly.
    “Oh, about as well as that nasty attitude is working for you.” Bishop began bouncing the papers on his desk to try and get them to stack neatly as he shot a knowing glance at Sofia. “The difference is, after I’m done, there’s a chance I’ll have a new idea or different opinion on the case. When you’re done with your pissy attitude, you won’t.”
    “Yeah, I’m sure you’ll be a wealth of knowledge,” she muttered under her breath as she rolled her eyes at him and returned to her case file. Surprisingly, Bishop chimed in with regards to the case as opposed to returning to his aimless pursuits in his old paperwork.
    “I’m telling you, I think these guys are new to the area and trying to build some cred by knockin’ off rivals. Maybe they eat the bodies to send a real ‘don’t mess with us’ signal. I mean, if you were goin’ around makin’ enemies as fast as these guys are, you would have to do something to keep the retaliation down. You eat a person and I think it would keep people off of you.” Bishop said plainly as he leaned back in his chair and turned towards his sulking partner. Sofia grimaced in response to his suggestion. As often as Bishop joked about it she still couldn’t wrap her head around the idea that the bodies were being eaten by the killers. They certainly made it appear that they were eating the corpses, she just hadn’t completely allowed herself to believe it yet. She had almost resigned herself to the idea that it was the only possibility, but she continued to try and think of new alternatives.
    “They could make the same impact if they used dogs or something to chew up the bodies,” she suggested.
    Bishop replied with a laugh, “A: I think keeping a group of bloodthirsty dogs out of the way until time to eat would be another level of difficulty to some already unbelievably difficult work. They would create more targets, more noise, and more visibility. B: We’ve found no signs of animals present at any of the scenes. Angry dogs drool; that’s just a fact. And C: Having a group of dogs eat the bodies does not have the same impact as people who eat the bodies. On the crazy scale, it takes a ten to eat a person; having dogs do it is a five at best.” Sofia knew he was right, she just hated the possibility that they were dealing with a group of cannibals.
    “Of course, if they are crazy enough to partake in cannibalism, it’s a little hard to think they could be the good guys you were hoping for.” Sofia said with a sideward glance. Bishop rolled his head back and pretended to be lost in thought as he ignored her comments.
    At some point, Bishop had speculated that it could be a gang that

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