Rise of the Dunamy

Rise of the Dunamy by James R. Landrum Read Free Book Online

Book: Rise of the Dunamy by James R. Landrum Read Free Book Online
Authors: James R. Landrum
    All three attacks had been committed close to high traffic areas which increased the amount of foot traffic through the actual crime scene, so determining the number of people involved was nearly impossible due to the large amount of trace evidence at each scene. In every attack the victims were armed, most often with guns. In each case those guns had been fired, yet they were unable to find any trace amounts of blood from the attacker around the site. Whenever they were able to locate slugs they believed to have been fired at the attacker, no DNA was ever lifted from them.
    Sofia suddenly asked aloud “Where are the slugs with blood on them?”
    “Which slugs? Nothing we’ve found has had anything on it,” Bishop replied with a confused look on his face.
    “That’s what I’m saying. There have to be slugs with blood on them. It’s just not possible that these guys are being killed without any of them getting a shot on the attackers. Their combined rap-sheets are a mile long! Most of them fired their weapon at some point during the attack, most of them several times, and not one single bullet hit any of the suspects. Even if they missed the person they were aiming for, it seems like they would have hit someone in the group.” The frustration continued to mount from the increasing likelihood of FBI involvement.
    She knew that the second the FBI showed up she would only be allowed to participate in the investigation at a subordinate level. The agents that took over these sorts of cases weren’t keen on allowing local law enforcement officers help in the decision making once they became involved. Sofia didn’t want anyone making it look like she didn’t know how to do her job well, and that’s exactly what they would do.
    “These “cannibal killers” must be well organized. Maybe our victims are firing up in the air or something to try and scare them before they attack.”
    “Yeah, you’ve said that already,” Sofia said with a huff as she angrily flipped through the pages of the case folder. “It’s just not possible. Based on the shell casings we’ve found, there should be a ton of slugs at the sites, but we’ve only found a handful between all of them. Plus, these guys aren’t going to try and scare someone. These guys are going to attack first if they feel threatened. They all have backgrounds with violence, so they aren’t scared of an altercation. Some of them have been involved in shootings before, so I doubt they’re hesitant to fire at someone they think is after them.”
    “Well, I think it’s pretty obvious then.” Sofia closed her eyes as she prepared for what she could tell was going to be a stupid comment. “We’re talking about ninjas.” Bishop’s comments were accompanied with a subtle laugh. This was typical of Bishop. Anytime he couldn’t figure something out, or the facts presented to him didn’t make sense, he would make a ridiculous joke and laugh the situation off. Sofia could usually find the humor in his jokes, but this was a much different situation because of the FBI timeline.
    She looked on in silence as Bishop shuffled through unrelated papers and looked over worthless crime scene photos he had seen several times before. It was all just a show that he was putting on for her benefit, and no one was more aware of that than Sofia. Bishop had focused more attention towards cleaning up his work space than doing any actual detective work since finding that the common thread between their victims was that they were all hardened criminals who had successfully evaded the system several times. If Bishop had done anything to contribute to the investigation Sofia felt that he was purposely misdirecting their efforts to delay the murderers capture.
    What was once a wasteland of unfiled paperwork, half-eaten sandwiches, and empty soda cans was now a well-organized, easily navigable workstation fit for the Lieutenant. The only exception was the oversized Styrofoam cup filled

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