Rock Bottom (Tristan & Danika #2)

Rock Bottom (Tristan & Danika #2) by R.K. Lilley Read Free Book Online

Book: Rock Bottom (Tristan & Danika #2) by R.K. Lilley Read Free Book Online
Authors: R.K. Lilley
convict him.   It was a good thing I’d kept my mouth shut and let it play out.   Still, I was spitting mad.   I was sick to death of shit like this always testing us.   It just seemed to me, that if you valued a thing, you found ways to keep it from being compromised.   Groupies in the apartment had been a bone of contention for a while now.
    He was in just a pair of black boxers and so it was impossible to miss the fact that he had a raging hard-on.   That was the last straw for me.   I just couldn’t deal with this today, especially when I’d so been looking forward to a happy reunion, and not some disgusting groupie rubbing her naked body on him.  
    “I need to leave,” I told him, already backing out of the room.   “I just can’t deal with this shit right now.   I have enough on my plate already.”
    He followed me, uncaring of the fact that he was practically naked, and sporting an obvious erection and the house was full of groupies.    
    “Danika, you have to believe me.   Whatever you think that was—”
    “I know what it was.   I heard what it fucking was, and I don’t care.   I’m sick of this.   If you cared about us, you wouldn’t be putting yourself in positions where naked whores are rubbing on you in your sleep.   Dean can have his groupies live here for all I care, but I’m out.”  
    I turned on my heel and strode to the front door.   I had my hand on the knob before he stopped me, and he stopped me in the most Tristan way possible.  
    He pressed against me from behind, mostly naked, hard as a poker, and completely unmindful of the room full of people that must be watching us.  
    “I’ve missed you,” he whispered in my ear, his hands moving over my hands, pinning them to the door above me.   “You can’t imagine how much I’ve missed you.   I thought about you day and night.   When I would text and you wouldn’t reply right away, I came so close to saying fuck it all and driving home to find you.”      
    “I’ve been busy.   I have classes, and I actually attend them pretty regularly.   I always answered back as soon as I could.”  
    “I know, but it’s not enough.   We should never be apart, not for any reason.   I can’t stand it.   Come back to bed with me, sweetheart.   I need you.   Now.”  
    The press of his body, that rasp in my ear, had me wet and ready and I wanted nothing more than to give in, but I didn’t intend to just let this go.   It had been too big of a problem for too long, and I was sick of it.   I had enough shitty things going on in my life right now.   Groupies humping my boyfriend in his sleep was not going to be one of them.  
    “I need to leave.   I’ll call you later, but I really just can’t deal with this right now.   I’m too angry.   I might say some things to you that I’ll regret later if I don’t have time to cool off first.”  
    He made a little sound of protest in the back of his throat, and of course, that got to me.   It had always been so hard for me to tell him no, and that had only gotten worse, the deeper I’d fallen for him.  
    “Please,” he said, very, very quietly, a word he almost never used.   “I need you.   Now.   You can chew me a new one after.   I can take it, sweetheart.”  
    I wrenched my hands free, turning to glare at him.   “It’s not about chewing you a new one, you ass.   It’s about things that go on in this apartment when I’m away that I won’t stand for.   It’s not about talk, it’s about change—”
    “Okay.   Fine,” he interrupted, looking earnest.   “You tell me what you need and I’ll see it done.   Change away.”
    I set my jaw into a stubborn line, knowing that I was going to go down in the band’s history for being a bitch for this.   “No more groupies in the apartment.   And wherever you’re staying in L.A., for the recording, no groupies there, either.   Girlfriends, dates, fine, but these sluts I see today, have

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