Rogue Shifter [High-Country Shifters 3]

Rogue Shifter [High-Country Shifters 3] by Melody Snow Monroe Read Free Book Online

Book: Rogue Shifter [High-Country Shifters 3] by Melody Snow Monroe Read Free Book Online
Authors: Melody Snow Monroe
Tags: Romance
hadn’t really done anything but lightly touch her, but already her body was close to exploding. Malik licked the top of her breasts, and her nipples puckered. Maybe she wasn’t woman enough to handle these men, as she was already a puddle of hormones.
    Cavon’s fingers crawled a few inches up her thighs and pressed his face against her rear. “You have a great ass.”
    She’d always been self-conscious about how big her butt was. “If I lost a little weight, it might be better.”
    Cavon’s fingers tightened on her thighs. “Don’t ever say that. You are perfect the way you are.”
    Thrills shot through her, but his stern command took her by surprise. “Yes, Master Cavon.”
    Neither man moved, as if they were talking again. “I like that. Hmmm. I’m Master Cavon.”
    Her breath hitched. “Would you like to play a Dom?”
    “I’m not sure what that means, but I can guess what my role would be if you call me Master. I, for one, would love to receive some respect.”
    “Okay.” She didn’t think she needed to bring up the concept of a safe word because she was convinced all she had to do was say stop and they would.
    His fingers pressed into her thighs. “Okay, what?”
    She giggled. “Okay, Master Cavon.” He caught on perhaps a bit too quickly.
    He released his grip. “Good. Now we are going to pleasure you, but you are not to climax until we say so. Can you do that?”
    There was no way she’d be able to keep from exploding. “I don’t know. It’s been so long since I’ve had sex, and you two are so virile. I just don’t know if I can hold back.”
    Malik peeled down the straps on her bra. “If you do come before we tell you to, we’ll have to punish you.”
    From the soft way his thumbs were making erotic circles above her breasts, she might like his brand of punishment. She pictured herself bent over one of their laps, receiving slap after slap. Her ass would get red and her pussy would gush.
    “I understand, Master Malik.”
    She heard the chuckle, but she bet he hadn’t intended for it to escape. She loved that these two were trying to fulfill her every fantasy.
    Malik dragged a hand behind her back and tried to unhook her bra. “Why do you women wear these damned contraptions?”
    “The Anterran women don’t wear bras?”
    He finally managed to get the clasp undone. “No. Our women usually go topless.”
    “Yikes.” That wasn’t her style, but if women had no support, it might give her an advantage. Her tits didn’t sag.
    “Oh, Amy.” From the awe in his voice, he liked what he saw.
    “You can call me ‘slave.’”
    “Slave?” they said in unison.
    “If I call you master, it makes sense that I would be your slave.” Maybe they found that distasteful, though Malik had mentioned something about her being their slave. “Amy works, too.”
    They went silent again. Darn telepathy . “We like the term ‘slave’ when we are tempting you.”
    That would be every minute of every day. Malik captured her breast in his mouth and sucked hard. A bolt of lust spread out over her body and raced straight down to her clit. His other hand kneaded her other breast, and she failed to hold in the moan.
    But it was when Cavon slipped his thumbs into her panties and pulled them down that her body went wild with desire. Her clit pulsed. She groaned louder this time.
    “Touch me.” Oh, crap . “I mean touch me, Master Cavon.” While it was clear they’d never been masters before, it was fun to play the role of being a submissive. Deep inside, she suspected that she was really the one in control.
    He said nothing as he lifted her knee to thread the panties down her leg. His hands disappeared, and the loss saddened her.
    Malik leaned back and lifted her chin. “Don’t worry. Your master is coming back. We want to make sure you don’t try to take advantage of us.”
    She laughed. “What do you mean, Master?”
    “I have a feeling you have a wicked mouth, and if you get anywhere near my

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