Romance Omega Style [Resistant Omegas 9] (Siren Publishing Ménage Amour ManLove)

Romance Omega Style [Resistant Omegas 9] (Siren Publishing Ménage Amour ManLove) by Joyee Flynn Read Free Book Online

Book: Romance Omega Style [Resistant Omegas 9] (Siren Publishing Ménage Amour ManLove) by Joyee Flynn Read Free Book Online
Authors: Joyee Flynn
cannot end up unhappy and fighting like they all are,” I breathed in Dewey’s ear so only he could hear me. “Please. I won’t let all this drama tear us apart. I love you. I don’t hover or hound you. We’re a team.”
    “Yes, yes, we are,” he agreed as he stroked my cheek. “I’d run as long as we aren’t leaving anyone behind. I’d run forever with you, Tag.”
    “Good. I’ll see if we can make this happen after we check out the island,” I sighed as I buried my face in his hair. “I love you so much, baby.”
    “Love you too, Tag. We’ll get through this and get you out of the job you hate.”
    I smiled. If anyone could figure it all out and make sure I was blissfully happy it was my Dewey. I hadn’t even realized all this had been building until I heard everyone on the Sun Deck. I wouldn’t wait until things got so complicated and heavy that they could rip us apart. I would get us out now and take the ones we loved with us.

Chapter 4
    “I miss working with websites too,” I said with a pout. “I feel like all we do is slap a bandage on everything by getting people out and placing them with new inner circles. We shouldn’t have to live in these sets of rules if we don’t want to.” I flopped down onto my chair and stared up at the Sun Deck where my men were. “And I hate Denver but I can’t ever tell them that because it’s their home pack and they love it.”
    “Why do you hate it?” Kiefer asked me as he glanced over to Vencentio, who was sitting on Galvin’s lap as they talked quietly. “You think they’re going to be okay? Galvin’s a good guy. He tried to save me when I was at my old pack. I know he loves Vencentio but I don’t like that they’re upset.”
    “Welcome to being an Omega,” I chuckled dryly as I stared at the bottom of my glass. Sampson was there seconds later to fill it back up and I thanked him before sighing and glancing back at Kiefer. “I don’t know. I hope so. I like everyone here and want them to be happy but I don’t get what I want.” I nodded over to my best friend, Carson, crying against his mate Ian as they stood over by the railing talking quietly.
    “So why do you hate Denver?” Edric asked again.
    “It’s always going to be the seventy people who saw me lose my virginity in a cold ceremony. They think I’m a freak because we still don’t have answers as to why I grew over a foot besides some old writings in the archives about when a person knows their mate is in need or some stupid shit,” I answered before tossing down my drink again.
    Wow. Mojitos were not meant to be chugged, but apparently I was planning to all night. I chuckled as I wondered how much booze we’d all drank already with how high our tolerance was. I glanced at Sampson and opened my shield so he could see my thoughts.
    “I’ve made eleven pitchers. We don’t have much mint left up here. I’ll see if Asher has more,” he answered before setting a full pitcher down by me and leaving.
    “Well that answers that question,” I chuckled, refilling my glass. “And I’m getting answers.” I stood and headed to the stairs, not able to take the stress my friend was under. When I got to the top I saw the Alphas and Betas were about in the same depressed and wounded mood we all were downstairs.
    “Babe, what’s up?” Jared asked me as I walked in his direction, but I wasn’t coming for him. I quickly emptied my drink and handed him the glass to hold for me. Then I focused on Taylor.
    “Don’t get involved in this, Tristan,” he warned me. “My thoughts are my own and you have no right to them.”
    “You’re absolutely right,” I agreed and leaned in closer. “But since you’re a fucking coward and won’t tell your mates what’s going on I won’t stand by and do nothing when he’s dying inside. I’d butt in to stop a fight and I’ll butt in now.”
    “Don’t—” he growled and went to push me away but I was faster and had powers. I

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