Roxanne Desired

Roxanne Desired by Gena D. Lutz Read Free Book Online

Book: Roxanne Desired by Gena D. Lutz Read Free Book Online
Authors: Gena D. Lutz
won’t stop trembling in want for it. What kind of spell have you put on me, Rox?”
    I took three steps toward Nathan, never taking my eyes from his. I slowly leaned forward, my hands searching for the edge of the bed. When they skimmed over the blanket, I released my full weight onto them. A low growl vibrated from Nathan’s chest. It called to my dormant beast and she growled back in response to her lover’s call of seduction. My wolf approved of what I was doing. She was just as anxious to make love to her mate as I was. It was nice to finally find a common ground with her; she was such a pivotal part of me, making it easier to accept that she actually was me. Yes indeed, it looked like Nathan was me and my wolf’s common denominator.
    “Lay back.” I requested firmly.
    I watched his Adam’s apple bob as he swallowed. Interested eyes pinned me and the heat that burned in them almost made me chicken out. Too bad for that chicken shit side of me, I wasn’t about to give up. I wanted all of this. Even though I had never done anything like this before, it didn’t matter. The look on his face made venturing into this new territory so worth it.
    Nathan eased back against two pillows stacked on top of one another. He lifted his arms, resting his head on his hands. He was still fully clothed, but I could see a good portion of his toned chest and abdomen through his unbuttoned shirt. His chest was massive, his stomach ripped with an eight pack. I looked down at myself insecurely. My stomach wasn’t flat, it was slightly rounded. I was never stick thin. No matter how much I dieted, my womanly curves stubbornly hung on to me with a death grip. I had actually come to love my curves; they made me feel like a woman. However, I was fully aware that some men preferred a lover that looked as if they could be swept away on a brisk wind. As if he sensed my apprehension, Nathan reached out to me. He gently pulled me to him and I followed. I wasn’t going to be afraid of this man’s intentions. He made it pretty clear how he felt about me. With just a look, he had a way of making me feel beautiful. I wasn’t going to let my insecurities take this moment from me. I fell into his arms. They wrapped instantly around me, making me feel like I had been lying in them for a million years. Time stopped, everything halted, even my very breath as he brought his lips to mine. A gentle caress against my lips at first, but then, his kiss consumed me. It was a kiss that pushed me over an edge I never knew existed. Somehow I held onto him giving him permission to breach the doors, which I had securely bolted against any and all possible intruders to my sole. In that moment, I irrevocably became his. It was a moment of clarity, an awakening. I knew without a doubt that I was exactly where and with whom I was meant to be. It was an incredible feeling, a feeling that gave me the courage to ask him for something that I had always wanted but lacked the proper motivation to try. Nathan was very inspiring.
    “Can I ask you to do something for me?” I inquired, pulling away, gasping for breath. “It’s okay if you say no. I won’t mind.”
    He grazed my cheek with gentle fingers. “You can ask me anything.”
    “Even if it’s a little kinky?”
    His whole body seemed to perk up in response to the unexpected statement.
    “I can do kinky. What do you have in mind?”
    I reached for his belt buckle and began undoing it. I yanked it out of the loops and held it in the air between us. “Will you tie me up?”
    Nathan raised a brow. His chestnut eyes searched mine for a moment before he snatched the belt from my grasp. Without another word, he slid off the bed, quickly stripping out of his clothes. It was like he transformed into someone else in those few seconds between him jumping off the bed and now. A sexy scowl dominated his handsome face and he began to twirl the belt he held in big, slow, circles. I watched the belt go around and around,

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