Ruby by V. C. Andrews Read Free Book Online

Book: Ruby by V. C. Andrews Read Free Book Online
Authors: V. C. Andrews
Tags: Horror
his sleep, but he doesn't make any sense," I said.
"That's easy to believe."
"I think . . . it had something to do with why he and my Grandmere Catherine are so angry at each other all the time."
"I don't think there's much of a mystery to that, Ruby. Look around; look at what he's become. Why should she want to have him in the house?" Paul said.
"No, Paul. It has to be something more. I wish he would tell me," I said, and knelt beside the cot. "Grandpere," I said, shaking his shoulder.
"Damn oil companies," he muttered. "Dredged the swamps and killed the three-cornered grass . . . killing the muskrats. . . nothin' for them to eat."
"Grandpere, who was in love? What money?" I demanded. He moaned and started to snore.
"No sense talking to him when he's like that, Ruby," Paul said.
I shook my head.
"It's the only time he might tell me the truth, Paul." I stood up, still looking down at him. "Neither he nor Grandmere Catherine will talk about it any other time."
Paul came to my side.
"I picked up a bit outside, but it will take a few days to get this place in shape," he commented.
"I know. We'd better start back. We'll dock his boat near my house. He'll pole the pirogue there tomorrow and find it."
"He'll find his head's got a tin drum inside it," Paul said. "That's what he'll find tomorrow."
We left the shack and got into the dingy. Neither of us spoke much on the way back. I sat beside Paul. He put his arm around me and I cradled my head against his shoulder. Owls hooted at us, snakes and gators slithered through the mud and water, frogs croaked, but my mind was fixed on Grandpere Jack's drunken words and I heard or saw nothing else until I felt Paul's lips on my forehead. He had shut off the motor and we were drifting toward the shore.
"Ruby," he whispered. "You feel so good in my arms. I wish I could hold you all the time, or at least have you in my arms whenever I wanted."
"You can, Paul," I replied softly, and turned my face to him so that he could bring his lips down to mine. Our kiss was soft, but long. We felt the boat hit the shore and stop, but neither of us made an attempt to rise. Instead, Paul wrapped his arms tighter around me and slipped down beside me, his lips now moving over my cheeks and gently caressing my closed eyes.
"I go to sleep every night with your kiss on my lips," Paul said.
"So do I, Paul."
His left arm pressed the side of my breast softly. I tingled and waited in excited anticipation. He brought his arm back slowly until his hand gently cupped my breast and his finger slipped over my throbbing, erected nipple beneath the thin cotton blouse and bra to undo the top buttons. I wanted him to touch me; I even longed for it, but the moment he did, my electric excitement was quickly followed by a stream of cold fear, for I felt how strongly I wanted him to do more, go further and kiss me in places so intimate, only I had touched or seen them. Despite his gentleness and his deep expressions of love, I could not get around Grandmere Catherine's dark eyes of warning looming in my memory.
"Wait, Paul," I said reluctantly. "We're going too fast."
"I'm sorry," Paul said quickly, and pulled himself back. "I didn't mean to. I just . ."
"It's all right. If I don't stop you now, I won't stop you in a few minutes and I don't know what else we will do," I explained. Paul nodded and stood up. He helped me up and I straightened my skirt and blouse, rebuttoning the top two buttons. He helped me out of the boat and then pulled it up so it wouldn't be carried away when the tide from the Gulf raised the level of the water in the bayou. I took his hand and we made our way slowly back to the house. Grandmere Catherine was inside. We could hear her tinkering in the kitchen, finishing up the preparation of the biscuits she would bring to church in the morning.
"I'm sorry our celebration turned out this way," I said, and wondered how many more times I would apologize for Grandpere Jack.
"I wouldn't have missed a moment," Paul

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