Runaway Mistress

Runaway Mistress by Robyn Carr Read Free Book Online

Book: Runaway Mistress by Robyn Carr Read Free Book Online
Authors: Robyn Carr
Tags: Fiction, Romance, Contemporary
down the street. The over-dark windows concealed the identity of the passengers, but the license plate read MGM12 and Jennifer knew immediately that it was one of the hotel’s cars. She had to tell herself not to pause, not to stare, not to react. It was entirely possible the hotel was taking a guest to view the dam, which she had heard was a magnificent sight to see.
    But it was also possible someone she knew all too well was looking for her.

    A few days into her new job she was still sweeping up when the afternoon waitress arrived, a high school girl named Hedda. She was a freaky-looking kid with spiked black hair with purple edges, a tongue ring, a little rhinestone nose stud and at least one very large tattoo peeking out at the small of her back over her low-rise jeans. Hedda looked Jennifer up and down intently, and finally a smile broke out over her decidedly beautiful face. “Cool,” she said. “Did you do that yourself or have it done?” she asked, indicating the bald head.
    “I…ah…I didn’t need much help with this,” she said, pulling her scarf off her shiny dome. She felt a sudden urge to explain that she was actually very fashionable and had great office skills; that she could do the accounting for a diner this size in her spare time. And she could dance the tango, drive a stick shift and speed read. Not to mention that acquired skill of finding and snagging rich old guys.
    “You know what would look really cool? A tattoo. Right on your head. I could tell you the name of a good artist.”
    “I’ll definitely think about that,” she said. “But I was actually thinking of trying hair for a change. You know—letting it grow out.”
    “I wouldn’t,” Hedda pronounced. “It makes you look like a really cool alien. A pretty alien.”
    “Wow,” Jennifer said. “I haven’t had a compliment like that in I don’t know when.”
    “And I mean it, too.”
    On her first weekend in Boulder City she met Gloria, who usually served the dinner hour and every Saturday morning. Gloria, a woman in her fifties, looked at Jennifer and said, “Holy Mother of God.”
    “You’ll get used to it,” Buzz yelled from behind the counter. “Hedda thinks it’s cool.”
    Gloria shook her head. “Why you girls do the things you do is beyond me. Why don’t you at least draw on some eyebrows? I could help you with that.”
    “Thanks,” Jennifer said. “I’ll keep that in mind.”
    Gloria had a bedridden husband at home and so she kept very flexible hours, something that Buzz seemed to take in stride. While Gloria worked, a neighbor would look in on her husband, and if Gloria got a call, she dashed off, no matter what she might be in the middle of.
    Gloria was best described as a tough old broad. She was a little overweight, but pleasantly so with soft, round curves. She had her short dark hair “done” every week at the beauty shop down the street and it was lacquered into place, not a hair changing from day to day. While her hair was being hammered into place, her acrylic nails were being “filled” and painted bright red, to match her lips. Gloria liked her makeup thick and her eyebrows drawn on in a high arch that made her look perpetually surprised.
    “We could do something with makeup,” she told Jennifer. “Maybe you wouldn’t look so…I don’t know…Naked?”
    “I thought it would be quite a statement, but maybe I went too far.”
    “There’s no maybe about it, honey.”
    “Hedda likes it,” she added.
    “Hedda’s the one who should shave her head and start over.”
    “Hey!” Buzz called. “Don’t start trouble. I got enough on my plate with one bald and one with purple hair!”
    Hedda took to Jennifer right away, perhaps because they were both odd and had very limited wardrobes because of slim means. She often brought her little brother Joey, to the diner with her. He seemed to be her constant responsibility because of their mother’s working hours. She took care of him every

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