Rushed (The Rushed Series)

Rushed (The Rushed Series) by Gina Robinson Read Free Book Online

Book: Rushed (The Rushed Series) by Gina Robinson Read Free Book Online
Authors: Gina Robinson
overheard Kelly and Morgan and the selection committee—Alexis Turner was getting a bid. But something about it had angered Morgan.
    Alexis puzzled me. And the way my body reacted to hers scared me shitless. I was certain the first time I saw her that she would have rather been anywhere but here. But in the powder room, she'd been so sure about her VIP status. And now it was the thought of her that convinced me to swallow my pride and take Kayla's BMW to the river. Even though it was a fucking terrible idea.

    As I walked into the senior ballroom at the SUB with Em for the bid meeting, I didn't know what scared me more—getting a bid from the Double Deltsies or not. We found an empty spot on the floor in the middle of our Rho Gam group and sat cross-legged next to each other as the houses filed in.  
    The meeting was simple. The coordinator passed out the bids. Girls who accepted their bids ran to join their houses, where they were each given a house T-shirt. Those who declined, or didn't get a bid, left. From the horror stories I'd heard, generally in tears.  
    As the bid slips were handed out, Em grabbed my hand. "Friends forever?"
    It was becoming our mantra. I nodded. "Friends forever."
    I caught Molly's eye and smiled at her. Maybe it was my imagination, but she frosted me out and looked away like I'd betrayed her. They called Em's name before mine. My heart felt like it was going to burst from my chest as she took her bid.
    She read her bid aloud. "Delta Delta Psi!" she screamed, and ran to join her new house while I sat, stunned. I had thought her chances of getting a bid from them were only fifty-fifty. No more than mine would have been if I hadn't been a well-coached legacy.
    How could Em be so happy about it? She hadn't even hesitated. Within seconds, they had tossed her a shirt and she'd slid it on over her cutoffs and crop top. We had all dressed casually for the occasion, like we'd been instructed.
    Girls and girls and girls were called in no particular order. Screams and screams and screams. Tears and tears. The Double Deltsie house was rapidly filling up. Morgan, the girl who'd interviewed me, flashed me an angry, wicked look. I had disobeyed her. I lost my courage. She'd probably tanked me. Mom was going to kill me and then get me into the house under a cloud of shame and suspicion. I should have gone willingly, I realized now.
    Finally, as the bids were winding down and it looked like I was going to be among the bid-less girls, I heard my name. I popped up and took my slip with my hands shaking so badly I could barely grab it. My eyes blurred as I read it. Delta Delta Psi.
    I was grateful and horrified at the same time. Regretful that I couldn't be in a house where I belonged. But I knew better than to show a hint of remorse or disappointment. Or weakness. I squealed and bounced up and down like I was the happiest girl on campus as I ran to join my new house.
    The house president handed me the last shirt in their pile and hugged me.  
    Em grabbed me. We bounced up and down together while I tried to pull my shirt on. Morgan gave me an evil, satisfied look that warned me not to defy her again. It was clear that she had made me sweat on purpose, making it look like I was their absolute last choice. We recited the house motto and ran from the SUB after the members, following them to a group of waiting cars.
    "Get in a car! We have a surprise for you!" Kelly pointed to our waiting cavalcade.
    Em and I slid into one together, driven by a girl who introduced herself as Leah. She drove us to our dorms. "Get in there. Get into a bikini, grab a beach bag, and get back out here! We're going to a beach party! Keep your shirt with you."
    I ran into my room as Leah honked the horn and the other girls leaned out the window screaming at me to hurry. I changed into my pink bikini and grabbed a bag with a towel and sunscreen. As I locked my dorm room, two girls walked by and saw my sorority bid shirt. I heard them

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