Save a Prayer

Save a Prayer by Karen Booth Read Free Book Online

Book: Save a Prayer by Karen Booth Read Free Book Online
Authors: Karen Booth
unhappy, but everything changed that night."
    I nodded, accepting each word I deserved. "It was my fault. It was all my fault. I know that. And I'll tell you I'm sorry for a lifetime if I have to." My voice faltered, raw emotion bubbling up out of me. Bloody hell. Keep it together. Good God, it was hard to get past the lump in my throat, knowing that I'd hurt her so much, that if I lost the thing in my life that meant the most, it would be my own doing. "I want you, Angie. I don't want anyone else. It took me ten months to sort that out, but I knew it all along. At least in here I did." I thumped my fist against my chest, right where my heart was threatening to hammer its way out. "If I can have you back, I won’t make the same mistakes again. I’ll never let you walk away."
    She closed her eyes and shook her head as if she was rattling my words from her mind. "I don't think you realize what you're saying. It’s not that simple. Or easy."
    “But it is that simple. We belong together.” The fact that she couldn’t see that made my stomach bind up in knots, but I had to make my case and I didn’t want to make it complicated. Everything else was complicated. Angie and I didn’t need to be.
    She became impossibly still, taking in a deep breath then opening her eyes. “I just spent the last ten months convinced that we don’t belong together. That’s why I’m saying it’s not that simple.”
    "It's fate that you got this job taking pictures of the band. I know it is. And just so you know, I had plans to show up on your doorstep the instant I got back to England. You just put me out of my misery a week earlier than I'd planned. I think we belong together, we should be together." I scanned her face and my mind kept going, adding up what I'd said. We belong together. Forever. I hadn't quite made it this far in my thinking before. The thoughts that had been running round in my head for the last months sounded so different when said out loud. I didn't want to let her go. Ever. "Every couple has their test and this was ours and now it's over. I think we should pick out a ring. I think we should talk about a future."
    She blinked so many times I wondered if she had something in her eye. "A ring? Are you suggesting marriage? Were you planning this all along?" Complete disbelief crossed her face.
    I might've made too big a leap there, but it felt right. The future had seemed a mystery without her. Now that I’d finally woken up to the possibilities, I could see it. Us. Together. A big beautiful flat in the thick of it in London. Coming home to the most incredible girl I’d ever met after being on the road. Better yet, that incredible girl to come with me. "Well, no, I didn't plan it, but it makes sense. You can't deny that."
    "So we're just worried about logic now? That's it? Nothing else?"
    I took her hand, afraid she might run off. There was something wonky in her voice, something that said she was panicked. Just talk her through it. She’ll see. "If you think about it, this probably would've been happening by now anyway. We'd been together for two years when we broke up. And you know that we were great together. I just needed to get my head straight."
    She blew out a breath. "Uh, yeah. I had to do the same thing, and I was trying to help my mum deal with my dad's stroke for half of that time. I know what you mean about getting your head straight, but you and I arrived at completely different conclusions."
    I loosened my grip on her, unable to understand why I couldn’t get through to her. She was normally such a logical person, measured and predictable, even. That was part of what I loved about her—she helped me stay on solid ground. Why wasn’t reason working? "Do you really not love me anymore? Because I love you, Ang. More than I've ever loved a soul on this earth."
    "It's not a matter of love. I will always love you. I don't know that I could ever stop loving you. But our lives are completely incompatible now. And

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