Saved by the Spell (Anna Wolfe Series, Book #2)

Saved by the Spell (Anna Wolfe Series, Book #2) by Casey Keen Read Free Book Online

Book: Saved by the Spell (Anna Wolfe Series, Book #2) by Casey Keen Read Free Book Online
Authors: Casey Keen
expect a giant spider or lizard to pop out, but happily find only wrinkles between the sheets. I glance at the bottom of the mattress, noticing a dark stain dominating the left corner. I bend down, inspecting the spot carefully. Loose lines and misplaced circles suggest it was caused by the splattering of some type of liquid. I don't care to dwell on exactly what kind. I shake out the sheet and gently lay it over my new bed. I lower myself onto the edge, placing my head in my hands. The severity of my situation finally hits me like a tsunami, crashing and dragging my thoughts all over my head. Tears fill my eyes, blurring my vision within seconds. I swallow, blinking them away. I study my surroundings, now irrevocably determined to locate an escape route. 

    Chapter 4
    Janie stretches long and hard. The sun's bright rays slip through the wooden shades, caressing her face with warmth. She blinks a few times, trying to focus on her whereabouts. She remembers falling asleep on the couch, and leans up, rubbing the sleep from her eyes. She pads into the kitchen to start the morning regimen of coffee brewing before going upstairs for some teeth brushing. Since Anna’s abduction, Kristy and Martello have been shacking up in her room and she hasn't had the heart to kick them out. She insisted upon staying in Anna's room until all of this is over. Besides, she feels closer to her sister there. After completing her morning routine, Janie sits at the kitchen table, mug in hand, sorting through her messy concerns. Valen and Roman aren’t back yet, and she wonders if the number of pledged recruits has changed. Janie recognizes the sound of her bedroom door squeaking open. She glances at the hallway threshold, watching as Martello shuffles in, followed by Kristy close behind.
    “Good mornin’ girl,” Martello says, his voice still half asleep.
    “Hey,” Janie replies.
    Kristy waves before pulling out a mug and filling it to the brim with coffee. They sit at the table, looking weary and broken.
    “Any word from Valen or Roman?” Kristy asks optimistically, sipping her coffee.
    “No.” Janie shakes her head. “I’m sure they’ll be back shortly though.”
    Martello sighs. “I can’t just keep sittin’ here doin’ nothin’ damn it,” he announces in an unnatural whine. “Girlfriend is missin’ an’ all we’s keep doin’ is sittin’ around, waitin’ for somethin’ to happen.”
    Janie tosses him a warm smile. “I know, but what else can we do? We don’t have the capabilities, so to speak, to just charge into the Netherw orld and demand Anna’s return. We have to be smart about this for her sake.”
    Martello stares at Kristy. “Ain’t there somethin’ you could be doin’?” he persists.
    Kristy’s eyes widen, knowing where he’s going with this.
    “No,” she answers too quickly.
    Janie narrows her eyes suspiciously. “What’s he talking about?” She points to Martello.
    Kristy remains silent. Martello slices his eyes into her before turning his attention to Janie. “Oh, this one… she real special,” he declares, aiming his thumb at Kristy. “She can see ghosts an’ shit.”
    Janie almost chokes on her hastily gulped coffee. “What!?”
    Kristy shrugs. “What he said. I can see ghosts,” she repeats.
    Janie gapes at her in awe, trying to make sense of her secret. “How long… I mean how?”
    Kristy exhales, taking another sip of her coffee before speaking. “Ever since I was a child, I was able to see the dead. I d on’t know how or why, but I can and I hate it.”
    “Wells, we mights be needin’ your powers t o help find Anna.” Martello arches his eyebrow, raising his mug to his lips.
    Kristy glares at him for revealing her secret. What’s worse is his expectation that she would comply. “Do you have any idea what you’re asking me to do?”
    “Umm-hmm. I’s expecting you to get over your own fears an’ help us get our girl back,” he responds,

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