Saved by Venom: 3 (Grabbed)

Saved by Venom: 3 (Grabbed) by Lolita Lopez Read Free Book Online

Book: Saved by Venom: 3 (Grabbed) by Lolita Lopez Read Free Book Online
Authors: Lolita Lopez
wounded soldiers. It didn’t surprise him in the least that the medics had gone through every gear bag and pocket on the ship in search of clean, dry socks for these women.
    When Dizzy was given a thumbs-up, Venom pushed a bottle of water and the energy bar into her hands. He dropped his bottle of water on the seat next to her and knelt down in front of her to put the new pair of socks on her cold feet.
    “I can do that.”
    “I’m sure you can.” He pointed to the food and water. “Eat. Now.”
    Her pouty lips settled into an irritated line. “Are you always so bossy?”
    Even though she narrowed her eyes at him, she couldn’t stop the little smile tugging at the corners of her mouth. With a dramatic sigh of annoyance, she opened her bottle of water and took a long, slow drink. She didn’t try to stop him from rolling the new socks onto her feet. He fought the urge to caress her soft skin or stroke his hands up her bare calves. This wasn’t the place to explore her body—the body that now belonged to him.
    Settling into the seat next to her, Venom tried to gain control over his skyrocketing lust. When she had admitted to never having a lover he had been deeply and shockingly affected. He had never been the kind of man who cared about that sort of thing. There were some men who would only accept a so-called pure wife but he wasn’t one of them. It hadn’t ever made sense to him that a man was expected to be skilled in the arts of lovemaking but a woman was expected to come to her husband as pure as snow.
    He sneaked a glance at Dizzy. She was just so damn beautiful! Wisps of pale-blonde hair curved around her jaw and neck. Warm and cozy inside the heated blanket, she’d gotten some color back into her face. The pink shade highlighted the apples of her cheeks. Those full lips and her honey-brown eyes enthralled him.
    Soon, he would have her small body pinned beneath his in their bed. He’d stare down into those big brown eyes before claiming her mouth, before claiming her. Faced with the knowledge that he would be the first man to know her body, Venom would be a liar if he said he wasn't excited by the prospect of sharing something special with her.
    But the fear of frightening or hurting her struck him cold.
    The women from Calyx were so small compared to the women from the other planets where his people had initiated Grab schemes. On the Valiant , they had run into problems with medical care because of pharmaceutical formulations. As far as he knew, those issues had been resolved.
    But their differences in size made him a little nervous. Vicious had been frank and honest when Venom had worked up the courage to inquire about how things worked behind closed doors. The general had assured him that with a little patience and a hell of a lot of foreplay things went beautifully.
    Venom glanced at Dizzy again. She deserved a tender introduction to the pleasures to be found in his bed. Though he preferred to be in total control in the bedroom, he would be willing to hand her the reins for their first few weeks together. That meant keeping the door to the playroom locked. One look at the ropes and cuffs and she would probably have a panic attack. He wanted a happy wife, not one who fled every time he walked through the front door.
    Her nervous gaze jumped around the ship’s interior. Wanting to ease her anxiety, he reached for her hand. He had taken off his gloves and tucked them into his jacket while she was being checked by the medics. Feeling her silky skin beneath his rough fingertips made the simple action of grasping her hand feel so intimate.
    “The display mounted up there tells us how long we have until liftoff.” He pointed to the screen in question. “Since this is your first time flying and going into space, you’ll probably want to stop drinking that water now.” He eyed the half-empty bottle. “Your stomach is likely to rebel.”
    Her eyebrows arched. “Is ascending that rough?”

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