Seers by Kristine Bowe Read Free Book Online

Book: Seers by Kristine Bowe Read Free Book Online
Authors: Kristine Bowe
with, I may have to drop him. Circles are fickle like that. You can join one if you’re new, but you can’t bring in an “old” student with you. Maybe if he’s a floater—someone who transcends groups because of his usefulness or many activities or school political involvement—he can come with me. I kind of hope he can. I like him. And he’s so freaking smart.
    “Morning, Leesie.”
    I was expecting Ryan. I was not expecting him.
    “I’m Luke. Luke Brewer.” He smiles. I had seen pictures in the files Tobias provided and had seen him in the hallway, but the images and faraway glimpses had done him no justice. This boy is attractive. Fan-yourself attractive.
    “I know. I mean … hi. Um, morning,” I say as I shift my books and send one over the top and onto the floor.
    Smooth, Leesie. Great work.
    “Right.” He seems amused by my fumble. He’s still smirking when he rights himself after retrieving my fallen book. “Yeah, I guess you’re getting to know some names around here. Listen, I was just going to invite you to sit with us at lunch today. Eri has told us a little about you, so I figured we all might as well know a little about you. Bring Ryan. He’s welcome.” He broadens his smile. God, his eyes are dark.
    “Great. Sounds like a plan. I’ll see you then.” I continue down the hallway, leaving him there. I like to exit first. End the conversation first. Leave them wanting more, maybe. Never leave a guy wishing I’d just shut up already. I wasn’t doing too well in the conversation department just now anyway. I have until lunch to get it together. I am supposed to come off as calm, collected, confident,
    Well, one question is answered and can be off my mind: I guess Ryan is a floater. He’s welcome at their lunch table. Good. Great. This is perfect. Then why does it feel so weird? Why don’t I feel good about the way things are working out? Because it’s too perfect. Too easy. Why is Luke approaching me when my only contact has been with Eri? Shouldn’t Eri have done the inviting? And why does he need to know what Eri knows? What does he want with me?
    I go through my morning distracted and anxious. I see them all in the hallway at various times. Senior wing is a horseshoe of three hallways, so running into them is inevitable. Daisy and Eri glance at me and offer polite half smiles. They show cautious interest, but not over-excitement. Frances seems to see no one but her instructors. Her focus is amazing. She has almost no interaction with her peers in the hallway. It’s like an expert dancer coming on the dance floor during a song. The amateurs part and watch her work. Seeing Patrick is like seeing someone famous. Patrick sees all and is sure that all see him. He is Mr. Hollywood. When he sees me, he gives me a broad, dentist’s dream of a smile. If the Ken doll where a real boy, his name would be Patrick Crown.
    The members of Eri’s group all seem to fit easily into a category. It’s only Luke’s category that bothers me. I see Daisy and Patrick talk to Luke between classes. He listens, glances their way, nods, but I only see him actually
to Eri. He watches her so protectively. Like a guardian. Like a boyfriend. Tobias said they were not together, but it’s hard to tell that by watching him watch her. Only he’s not just watching her. He’s watching me, too.
    When I catch him, he makes no attempt to cover it up. He doesn’t look away quickly or offer a smile. He simply continues to
me. It’s not staring. He’s not looking me up and down or checking me out. He’s watching my moves, my face, my eyes. Last week I saw only the back of him in the hallway and once at the drinking fountain. Today I see him at every turn. He always seems to know exactly where I am.
    I know where to look when I enter the dining hall. They sit at a table in the center of the room. I had been sitting to their right with Ryan and a few others. Ryan hadn’t seemed to react when I

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