Senses 03 - Love Comes Home (DA) (MM)

Senses 03 - Love Comes Home (DA) (MM) by Andrew Grey Read Free Book Online

Book: Senses 03 - Love Comes Home (DA) (MM) by Andrew Grey Read Free Book Online
Authors: Andrew Grey
it. Their lips touched, and Greg nearly pulled away. He’d been kissed before, but it’d never been accompanied by a zing of electricity. He didn’t recognize it at first. Tom seemed to, because he deepened the kiss, shifting his weight slightly and pressing against Greg.
    When they broke apart, Greg gasped for air and blinked a few times, taking a second to make sure he hadn’t imagined what had just happened. “Wow,” Greg mouthed, and Tom smiled.
    “You can say that again,” Tom whispered. A couple walked by the car, breaking the spell. Tom started the engine and pulled out of the parking lot.
    After a few minutes, Greg got a pretty good idea where they were going. Tom turned into the entrance of one of the parks and pulled to a stop at the edge of a bluff. Ahead of them, Lake Superior sparkled with the light of a million stars and the nearly full moon. The lake almost never looked like that, but tonight, instead of extreme northern Michigan, they could have been floating on the Caribbean.
    “This is one of my favorite spots. When the lake is stormy, the waves sometimes spray the car, but on a night like this….” Tom’s words floated away as he opened his seat belt and moved closer for another kiss.
    Afterward, Greg leaned back in his seat, breathless, energy thrumming through him from head to toe. Tom held his hand, and they sat silently for a while, watching the light dance on the waves.
    Their quiet interlude was broken when Greg’s phone buzzed in his pocket. He tried to ignore it at first, thinking it was a message, but it continued, and he shifted on the seat, fishing out his phone. “It’s Ken,” he told Tom and then answered the call.
    “Greg, I think you need to get here as soon as you can,” Ken told him.
    “Is there a problem?” he asked automatically.
    “Yes. You need to get here.”
    Greg’s heart raced and he relayed the message to Tom, who started the engine. Greg fumbled to put on his seat belt as Tom drove quickly out of the park and to the main highway toward Pleasanton.
    “Is Davey okay?” Greg asked Ken.
    “I don’t know. Something is definitely wrong. We’re keeping him quiet and settled, but he fell and hit his head,” Ken said.
    “Okay. We’re on our way,” Greg said, the phone shaking against his ear. “It should be about ten minutes.”
    “We’ll be watching for you,” Ken said. He hung up and Greg set down the phone.
    “They said Davey fell and hit his head. They’re keeping him quiet, but something is most definitely wrong. I can tell Ken is avoiding telling me something over the phone.” Greg’s imagination raced in a million directions.
    “Have they called an ambulance?” Tom asked.
    “I don’t know; I didn’t think to ask,” Greg said, trembling in the seat.
    “They would have told you,” Tom said, most likely trying to be reassuring.
    Greg felt the car speed up, and they flew down the highway. Greg willed the car to go even faster and hoped they wouldn’t be stopped by a cop.
    In record time, they pulled up in front of Ken and Patrick’s house. Tom parked right out front. Greg got out of the car almost before it had come to a complete stop and hurried toward the front door. He knew Tom was right behind him, but didn’t turn around to look.
    The front door of the house opened, and Patrick stood off to the side to let him in. Davey sat on the sofa with Hanna hugging him. He had his hands over his eyes, crying and rocking back and forth.
    “He’s been like this since just before we called. I’ve tried to get him to talk to me, but I get nothing,” Ken whispered.
    Greg hurried closer. “Davey,” he said, his throat constricting in fear. “What is it?”
    Davey stood but then didn’t move. Greg hurried to him, hugging Davey close.
    “It’s gone, Dad,” he said. “It’s gone.” Davey began to cry, and the rest of his words were mumbled and not understandable.
    Greg knew Davey was trying to speak, but nothing was coming out. “What’s

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