SevenintheSky by Viola Grace Read Free Book Online

Book: SevenintheSky by Viola Grace Read Free Book Online
Authors: Viola Grace
Tags: sci-fi, ménage, romance, shifters
Skeeter needed sex and she would do whatever it took to get it. Seven Regen warriors are just what her hormones ordered.
    Blanca 'Skeeter' Snow has always known that this day would come. Her body's pheromones cause disruptions on her ship and her captain banishes her until her cycle is over. She selects a moon as her haven of choice and a meteor field removes her options for landing.
    On the moon, seven Regens (the brothers of the new Consort of Priznik) rush to her crash and are swept into her situation and her arms as quickly as she can manage it. Her leave takes on a new urgency as she takes her lovers on one by one and several together.

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    Seven in the Sky
    Copyright © 2011 Viola Grace
    Cover art by Martine Jardin
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    Seven in the Sky
    A Trapezium Exclusive
    Viola Grace

    The bridge was in an uproar. Three of the crewmembers were fighting and Officer Blanca Snow was watching with horror.
    "Skeeter! What the hell is going on in here?" Captain Darow came in, her tone hostile and frustrated. The crew had become more agitated over the last few days and there was one common denominator--Skeeter.
    She snapped to attention with a salute and addressed the captain. "The crewmen began fighting over me, Captain."
    "Why is that, Skeeter?"
    She blushed, a visible mark on her chalk white skin. "I believe that I am going into heat, Captain. The men are being overwhelmed by pheromones."
    The captain sighed and went to the fire suppression system, blasting the fighting men until they parted. "Skeeter, come with me."
    Her would-be suitors were groaning on the ground and she quickly followed the captain, her boots skittering across the decking of the interstellar trading-class ship.
    The captain's quarters were neat and tidy, but it looked as if the captain had something on her mind. Files were open and half a dozen coffee cups were in the trash.
    "Skeeter. This medical issue of yours is causing me a huge problem. None of the men can be near you and they are all trading shifts just to get close enough to sniff you."
    The blush started and stuck. "I--"
    "You can't control it and you are an endangered species. You need to breed. I just don't want you doing it on my ship. From this moment on, you are banished to the nearest inhabitable world or moon until your medical issue ceases. At that point, you will be welcome to return only if you agree to have your reproductive functions suspended indefinitely."
    Skeeter stood at attention and took the sentence with tears in her eyes.
    "Dismissed, Officer. Your ship is prepped and ready. Your personal belongings have been transferred in case you choose not to return." The captain paused and looked up, tears welling in her eyes. "Good luck finding what you need out there, Skeeter."
    "Thank you, Captain."
    With tears running down her face, Skeeter ran the length of the ship and barely nodded at the launch crew. She got into the ship she normally took on missions and noted her

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