Seventeen Days

Seventeen Days by D.B. James Read Free Book Online

Book: Seventeen Days by D.B. James Read Free Book Online
Authors: D.B. James
can remember having in a long time. And I owe it all to one feisty redhead. She’s more than I ever bargained for, I’m certain. I’d be lying if I said I wasn’t curious to dig under all her layers to find the women hidden within. 
    When she shared with me what her bitch of a mother did to her, I was pissed off. Hell, I hurt for her and the innocence she lost. Not merely on that day but on every single day that’s passed since. She was forced to grow up in the worst way imaginable. It’s no wonder she turned to drugs. I know it was only the one time, but could she honestly say it wouldn’t have changed if she wasn’t caught? I can’t say I entirely blame her. Fuck, I probably would have turned to liquor and drugs if it wasn’t for my having Savannah around after my parents’ death. We all know my uncle wouldn’t have been able to help me through. I’ve practically shut down since my parents’ death as it is, never letting anyone close enough to truly know me. If they didn’t know me before, they surely don’t know me now. Letting them get close only leads to heartache in the end, so I choose to keep people away. Why bother? It’s easier that way. For everyone. 
    Knowing Savannah is one of the most loving people I’ve ever knownbrings me to question what Morgan said about her. Could it actually be true she has never had a relationship with her? I’ve heard about Morgan over the years; I always thought they had a normal aunt/niece relationship. Feeling like I should ask Savannah, but knowing I can’t break what limited trust Morgan has in me, I’ll let it rest. For now. Maybe she’ll open up and tell me more without me having to ask. She’s been forthcoming thus far. 
    After she leaves, I can ask Savannah about it and not feel like I’m breaking her trust. Maybe. She all flat told me she was going to leave Alabama behind and never look back. Does she still mean me as well? Hating that I’m asking myself such things when I don’t want to pull her in closer, I groan in frustration. 
    As soon as I got home last evening, I checked out the airfare prices for her to be able to get to New York, and went as far as to book her a flight for two weeks from today. I’ll still pay her for working, but I don’t want her to use all of her money to get back and have nothing to fall back on once she’s there. She said she has a job lined up, but who knows if that’s true or not? The inadequate amount I do end up paying her won’t be enough for her to live on for more than a month. Not in such a big city. Here? Yeah, sure, she could easily live on what I plan on paying her for three months. 
    Starting today, I have fourteen days to get inside her head. To break apart all her walls and help her find who she’s meant to be. Maybe it’s the fact I was almost her age when I lost my parents that I feel this need to help her. 
    To know her. To love her. That thought surprises the fuck out of me. Love? I haven’t wanted to love a woman, anyone since my parents’ death. What makes Morgan special?  
    Glancing at my bedside clock, I notice it’s way past time for me to get out of bed and be on my way. Thad is meeting me at the yacht in less than an hour. We have two tours lined up today and the first one leaves at seven AM sharp. Gentry and Steve will take out the second tour at nine. 
    I should have exactly enough time to grab a quick shower. I’m hoping I can catch the guys before Thad and I set out for the day. I've still got to tell them about Morgan helping out around the office for a couple weeks. Let them know the no swearing rule for in front of customers goes for around her as well. They can curse like no one’s business. Morgan may have a colorful language all her own, but she doesn’t need to hear most of the things they talk about. 
    They need to be warned about her being “hands off” as well. Steve is old enough to be her grandfather but the other two will hit on anything that walks. Thad

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