Sex, Lies, and Beauty Aides

Sex, Lies, and Beauty Aides by Deb Julienne Read Free Book Online

Book: Sex, Lies, and Beauty Aides by Deb Julienne Read Free Book Online
Authors: Deb Julienne
the pool. The last play of the game, Sabrina had spiked the ball and won the game. He’d been extremely attracted to her, which led to the little devil on his shoulder nudging him to do the equivalent of putting a frog down her shirt. Her bikini top tie had been too much of a temptation. He tugged the errant string and her bright pink top flew up when she dropped back in the water.
    He, in all his suave and clever brilliance winked and grabbed the tiny thing and turned away as he handed it back to her but not before he noticed her well-shaped breasts and muttered, “Titillating.”
    To her credit, Sabrina managed to keep it together and still snapped back at him the snarky way he was sure Kat had taught her to.
    She’d ducked under water with the pretense of embarrassment only to pants him as she swam by, evening the score.
    When she came up, she’d covered her breasts with one hand then stuck her free arm straight out and pointed at his naked anatomy, and said, “I prefer tit to that.”
    The comment had won his affection, though he doubted she fully appreciated his wares considering the boys had shriveled in the pool. He watched her out of the corner of his eye and admired her moxie as she climbed up the steps in the shallow end and sauntered off to the cabana changing room. She might have been the kind of girl he’d like to get to know better. If only Kat hadn’t pulled him aside and reamed him a new one for his actions.
    “Because Sabrina wasn’t ready for you then. I’m not even sure she’s ready for you now. All I know is she’s romanticized everything about you, for years. I just don’t want to see her hurt.”
    “Why do you automatically assume I’ll hurt her? I was serious then and I’m serious now.”
    “You’re supposed to be Travis. Now is not the time.”
    “I know, I know, I owe it to Travis.” His brother came first. Family first. Always. That’s the way it had to be. Didn’t it? “When Travis comes back will you formally introduce us and give me a chance?”
    “Let’s get through the next month. If you behave yourself, I’ll think about it.”
    “Gee, would you?” He inserted a snide tone then thought better of it and softened his words. The last thing he wanted to do was piss her off.
    “Knockoff the snark, playboy, or I won’t believe you’re serious.”
    “I’m serious all right, so start planning my intro.”
    “Don’t get ahead of yourself.”
    “Just being positive.”
    “I’m positive too. I’m positive we’re all going to live to regret the day the Wellington brothers left Boston,” Kat said then ended the call.

    Sabrina‘s week passed in a blur, her stamina put to the test. She’d slogged through endless periodicals in an attempt to learn the latest Me Tarzan, You Jane lingo. She missed precious sleep over nights filled with her usual dreams of Trent’s embraces, his smile and carefree laughter. She attributed the fun and erotic version in her nightly trysts with Trent to the day-to-day contact with Travis. The reverie from the multitude of images of Trent pulling her into the storage supply closet for a breathless kiss only to have her alarm clock go off just before their lips touched to ruin the magic. By the time Friday rolled around, she salivated to have a couple of days off.
    After she wrapped up the end of week reports, she surfed the Internet for a few more natural make-up recipes to try.
    As she packed her tote bag, the pull to succeed in her new job enticed her to explore a few adult websites. Good thing the company was open minded on the concept of research or she’d feel guilty for cruising such sites on the company’s dime.
    On her way home she rented three sexy and romantic movies the woman at the counter recommended and purchased three paperback romance novels, rated top picks of the month by Romantic Times Book Reviews . She grabbed the most recent issues of the hottest magazines and stuffed girlie magazines in between.

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