SGA-13 Hunt and Run

SGA-13 Hunt and Run by Aaron Rosenberg Read Free Book Online

Book: SGA-13 Hunt and Run by Aaron Rosenberg Read Free Book Online
Authors: Aaron Rosenberg
Tags: Science-Fiction
upon him, knocking his pistol aside. It had holstered its own weapon and now one fist slammed into Ronon’s jaw, jolting him and blurring his vision, while the other clamped onto his throat. The Wraith’s momentum knocked Ronon off his feet, and he landed on his back, the creature leaning over him and holding his head and torso up by that neck grip.
    “Now you will die slowly,” it hissed at him. Its second hand raised again, but this time it opened the hand wide, revealing the narrow opening upon its palm. That was how the Wraith fed, Ronon knew — they sucked out a victim’s life force through that opening. And it was reaching toward him with deliberate slowness, taunting him with his inability to break away from the death that crept toward him inch by inch.
    Then a burst of crimson light flashed across the Wraith commander’s head, lighting it with a halo of red. Its eyes widened in surprise before they glazed over, and the creature slumped, its grip on Ronon going limp. He shrugged off the body in time to see a second crimson bolt strike one of the Wraith warriors in the neck, between helmet and chestplate. The warrior gurgled and collapsed.
    That was all Ronon needed to see. His own pistol had fallen by his hand and he quickly scooped it back up and hit the remaining Wraith warrior in the throat, dropping it instantly. Only then did he sit up and rub his own neck, coughing against the rawness the attack had produced.
    “Feel better now?” It was the stranger, of course, sliding from behind two trees a few feet to the left.
    “A bit,” Ronon admitted. He glared over at the man, then shook his head. “Thanks.” He was honest enough to admit he would have been dead without the man’s help.
    “Now do you see that your way will only get you killed?” the man asked, brushing aside Ronon’s thanks. “Even with a pistol you weren’t able to take them on.”
    “I didn’t know their weaknesses,” Ronon pointed out. “Now I do.”
    “Now you know some of the weaknesses,” the stranger corrected, approaching and crouching down so he could speak to Ronon face-to-face. “Wouldn’t you like to learn more? To know them all?”
    Despite himself, Ronon was interested. How many more Wraith could he kill if he knew all their weaknesses?
    Apparently his thoughts were easy to read on his face. “I can teach you how to kill them,” the man explained. “I can help you kill them. Together we can wipe out dozens of them, maybe more. Possibly even eliminate whole Hives!”
    Ronon nodded and clambered to his feet. “I’m listening.”
    “Good.” The man glanced around. “But not here. There are probably more Wraith on the way. I know a place we can go to buy ourselves some time. Come on.” He turned to go, then paused and shifted back, extending his hand. “My name is Nekai.”
    “Ronon Dex.” Ronon accepted the grip. It was firm, no-nonsense, and quick — the handclasp of a warrior.
    “A pleasure.” Nekai favored him with a brief smile before turning away. “Come on then, Ronon Dex. Let’s go talk about how to kill more Wraith.”
    He led the way into the trees, and Ronon eagerly followed. He spared only a single glance at the three dead Wraith behind them. You are but the first of many, he swore silently. And each of your deaths will feed the soul of my people, that all Sateda may one day know peace.
    With those bloody thoughts in his head, Ronon took off after Nekai, already impatient for the knowledge the other man claimed he could provide.

Chapter Six
    “We should be safe here — for now.” Nekai had led Ronon away from the forest and into a row of short hills. They had continued on through those, never stopping for more than a minute to catch their breaths and drink from nearby streams, until they had found a rockier plain beyond. The hills were lower and more angular here, and Ronon’s new guide had paid particular attention to their bases — Ronon wasn’t sure what he was looking for

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