Shadow Magic

Shadow Magic by Karen Whiddon Read Free Book Online

Book: Shadow Magic by Karen Whiddon Read Free Book Online
Authors: Karen Whiddon
Tags: Romance, paranormal romance
                  "What kind of spell is this?"  His harsh accusation reminded her that he had only just concluded that she was not a thief, but perhaps still harbored doubts about her abilities as an enchantress.
                  "I... do not know."   
                  Keeping his back to her, he would not look at her.  Fascinated, she watched as he fought a visible battle for control.
                  "I will not let some other force guide my actions, " he told her, his voice strained.  "Not in Rune and not here."
                  "I am glad you are able to find the strength of will to resist it," she said quietly.  "Because I do not think I am quite that strong."
                  He spun around to face her, his pupils darkening to storm clouds as he took in the import of her words.  He actually took a step towards her, before he realized what he had almost done.
                  Goddess help her, but having such a potent effect on him thrilled her to the bottom of her soul.
                  She wanted more.  Much more. 
                  "What am I to do with you?"  he mused, like he had somehow read her thoughts.  "I cannot take you back to Rune with me.  What kind of life would you have then?'
                  What kind of life had she lived before?  Alone and set apart, existing only for the benefit of others, never for herself.  Longing for something she could never have, only truly alive when she danced... or dreamed.  Deirdre longed to tell him the truth, but could not bear to see pity instead of passion in his eyes.
                  She would take what little she could now, and worry about the consequences later.
                  "I would like to see Rune."  This time it was she who took a step to bring them closer, she who held out her hand in entreaty.  "There is much I would like to do before I find another people to serve.  Let me help you search for your amulet, and in return I will ask nothing except that you shield me from the day."
                  He didn't deny her outright, she had to give him that.  But her heart sank as he gave a slow shake of his head, ignoring her outstretched hand. 
                  "I can make no promises."
                  Her pulse leapt.  It was a start.  Lowering her hand, she took another step towards him.  "I do not ask for any promises." 
                  His nostrils flared.  "You may only travel in darkness?"
                  "Yes."  Holding herself motionless, she waited.  The part of her that felt fear at the prospect of this adventure, she ignored.  For so long had she lived a life well regimented and guarded, that to even think of doing something so bold as to help a golden Prince of Faerie find his magical amulet seemed dangerous and foolhardy.  Yet she wanted to do this nearly as much as she wanted to dance when the full moon rose each month.  Of course, it didn't hurt matters any that Egann of Rune was so beautiful to her eyes.
                  "There is a connection," he mused out loud. "You and the amulet, and the damnable spell that seeks to entrap me - us."
                  Deirdre thought it wise to say nothing. 
                  Still gazing down at her, he reached out and lifted the heavy mantle of hair from her shoulder, running his fingers through it and making it cascade like a silken black waterfall down his arm.  Her heart stuttered, skipped, and she scarcely dared to breathe.
                  "Then there are those that seek to kill you."  Twining her hair around his hand, he gave a gentle tug, bringing her the final step closer.  So close that she could, if she so desired, turn her head and place a kiss on the rippling muscles of his chest.  She swallowed and kept

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