Sinful Weekend

Sinful Weekend by Francesca St. Claire Read Free Book Online

Book: Sinful Weekend by Francesca St. Claire Read Free Book Online
Authors: Francesca St. Claire
with him, belonging together. Right from the start, he’d known she
was the one. And he hadn’t been wrong.
    He tugged her closer, savoring their intimacy, certain this was
just the beginning of a long journey together.
    * * * * *
    Talk about making up for lost time. They were back on the
couch in the missionary position, moving in slow, precise harmony. Stephanie
had never known such parity of mind and body, such a connection with a man
    Nick stilled and raised his upper body, staring straight
into her eyes. “This can’t end this weekend, Steph. This isn’t just a one-night
stand for me. I want to see you again.”
    His eyes sparkled with determination, passion and something
akin to affection. She weaved her hands through his glossy blond hair and
pulled his face down so she could kiss him. His cock pulsed inside her as he
pressed deeper.
    She hugged him tighter. This was a dream come true. She’d
found the man she’d fantasized about and he wanted to carry on seeing her. She
was dreaming, but hoped never to wake. Nick was amazing. She’d come to admire
him over the past two days for his humor, intellect and his passion for life.
Her lust after his body and his expertise as a lover had taken her to levels of
pleasure she’d only imagined before. She’d been enraptured time and time again
by his amazing, passionate and considerate lovemaking. But their connection
went deeper than a physical bond. She didn’t want to rush to conclusions but,
yes, he could be her soul mate.
    She flushed with pleasure as Nick pumped his hips slowly and
just enough to create a nice, warm physical connection inside her swollen
sheath—intensified by his passionate gaze.
    “I’d like that,” she murmured, melting all around him.
    His hips shifted and he changed his angle of penetration.
She whimpered with pleasure and raised her pelvis to meet his thrusts as he
nudged a place deep inside her.
    Oh, yeah! She was going to enjoy dating Nick an awful lot.
    Actually, she already was.

    One year later
    “Check out the eye candy at the bar,” Stephanie whispered in
her friend’s ear.
    Jen nodded, acknowledging her meaning, and casually scanned
the room. Her eyes widened as they landed on the tall, dark and gorgeous man at
the bar.
    “Is he not yummy with a capital Y?”
    “Not bad,” Jen agreed, her hand over her heart. “Not bad at
all. He’s talking to Nick. Is he a friend of his?”
    Stephanie glanced sideways at her friend, her smile sly, and
    Jen’s lips curled into a smile. “Better and better.”
    “Come, I’ll introduce you.”
    They made their way to the bar where the two men were
chatting over a couple of beers and a bowl of pretzels.
    “Hi, Chris,” Stephanie greeted, kissing him on the cheek.
“Meet my friend Jen, just arrived from NYC,” she said, sliding into Nick’s
welcoming arms. “Mmm, purr, purr.”
    Nick chuckled and tightened his arms around her as he kissed
her hair.
    As Jen and Chris exchanged greetings, engaging straight away
in a discussion about flights, Stephanie faced Nick, her pregnant belly bumping
his hip.
    “Hey, careful with Junior!”
    “Nothing to fear,” she said, pressing to his side. “He’s as
tough as his dad.”
    Nick grinned and gently stroked her little bump, one arm
anchored around her waist. “Is he asleep?” he asked, his voice low in spite of
the loud music and multiple conversations surrounding them.
    She giggled girlishly and shook her head. “No. He’ll only
sleep once I lie down.”
    A sudden glee surged in Nick’s eyes. “Will he sleep later on
when Dad makes love to Mom?”
    “There’s only one way to find out.”
    Nick glanced at Jen and Chris, now deep in conversation.
“Why don’t we leave these two alone so they can get better acquainted?” he
suggested with a nod in their direction. “And go back to the house sooner
rather than later?”
    Stephanie grinned.
    Nick’s eyes darkened. “I’m glad you agree.”
    Oh yes she

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