Sink: The Lost World

Sink: The Lost World by Perrin Briar Read Free Book Online

Book: Sink: The Lost World by Perrin Briar Read Free Book Online
Authors: Perrin Briar
dead husband.
    “Sit down, please,” Zoe said.
    “This sounds serious,” Aaron said.
    “It is serious,” Zoe said.
    “I swear, I haven’t done anything wrong,” Aaron said.
    “I know you haven’t,” Zoe said. “You’re a good boy. An adult. Which is why I’m going to treat you like one.”
    “You’re going to make me get a job I hate?” Aaron said.
    “What?” Zoe said. “No. And not all adults hate their jobs.”
    “Most seem to,” Aaron said.
    Zoe took a deep breath to score a line under the conversation and begin again.
    “I have something to tell you,” she said.
    “Oh God,” Aaron said. “This really doesn’t sound good.”

    Cassie was an artist with makeup. She never put on too much, preferring to verge on having too little. She had a natural beauty that makeup only detracted from. She’d changed into a short navy blue dress and matching heels. As always, she looked fabulous. As she added eyeliner, she could see Bryan stepping into her doorway in her dressing table’s mirror.
    “Are you ready to tell me whatever it is you wanted to tell me before?” Cassie said.
    “Sit down,” Bryan said. “I have some news for you.”
    “I’m already sitting,” Cassie said. “Can’t it wait until tomorrow? I’m going out to meet friends now.”
    “It’ll only take a few minutes,” Bryan said. With any luck.
    “Go on, then,” Cassie said, folding her arms.
    She looked just like her mother when she did that, especially with that expectant expression on her face.
    Bryan shook his head.
    “Come through to the front room a minute,” he said.
    “You said this was only going to take a minute,” Cassie said.
    “It is,” Bryan said. “Just take a seat.”
    Cassie sighed. She followed Bryan through to the living room.
    “All right, here goes,” Bryan said, shutting his eyes. “I’ve met someone.”
    Cassie shrugged.
    “So what?” she said. “You meet people all the time at work.”
    “No, I mean I’ve met someone special,” Bryan said.
    “You mean, like, with a mental handicap?” Cassie said.
    “Are you deliberately being difficult?” Bryan said.
    “Are you being deliberately mysterious?” Cassie said. “Why don’t you just tell me?”
    “I’ve been working with someone, from another company, and we get on really well,” Bryan said. “We’ve been dating.”
    He closed his eyes and tensed up, preparing himself for the inevitable explosion heading his way.
    “I’m assuming it’s a woman?” Cassie said.
    “Yes, of course it’s a woman!” Bryan said.
    “How long has this been going on?” Cassie said.
    “A few months,” Bryan said.
    “A few months and you never told me?” Cassie said.
    “I never told you when I went out on any dates,” Bryan said.
    “You’ve had other dates?” Cassie said.
    A shiver went through her body.
    “Of course I have,” Bryan said. “But this is the first serious one. She’s kind, smart and beautiful. I’m ready to take our relationship to the next level. And that means meeting you.”
    Cassie was silent a moment before letting out a deep lungful of air.
    “Thank God for that!” she said.
    “You’re relieved?” Bryan said.
    Cassie put her hand to her chest.
    “Of course I’m relieved!” she said. “My heart was beating a mile a minute! After all your talk about introducing someone and new relationships… I was starting to think you were getting into crossdressing or something, or about to introduce your boyfriend. Not that that would have been a problem. The boyfriend part, I mean.”
    “No, no,” Bryan said. “Nothing like that.”
    “You nearly gave me a heart attack!” Cassie said. “All I can say is, it’s about time.”
    “You’re not angry?” Bryan said.
    “No,” Cassie said. “Why would I be angry? I think it’s good you’re meeting someone. It’s been a long time since Mom left and you deserve to be happy.”
    “I must say, you’ve taken me by surprise,” Bryan said.

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