Snapped: Satan's Fools MC

Snapped: Satan's Fools MC by Needa Warrant Read Free Book Online

Book: Snapped: Satan's Fools MC by Needa Warrant Read Free Book Online
Authors: Needa Warrant
so emotionally drained that she went directly to her bedroom after work. Laying on the bed, she flipped on the TV and camera into Raven’s cell. She heard him singing Lonely Road of Faith and tears began to roll down her cheeks.
    He sat on the bunk and closed his eyes and began to talk.
    “I fucked up, Morgana. I know I did and you didn’t seem to care. I wondered why, and you just kept taking it. I hated you working shifts in the prison. I worried about you day and night. I fucked up so bad. I hated myself, but I didn’t stop. I don’t know why. I think it started after my brother and Jenny died.” He rubbed his hands over his unshaven face. “I killed a part of us, the part that was the best. I was scared to have a baby. What if it died? How could we get through that? I wish you were here so I could tell you these things. I don’t want you to leave. I don’t want to think of you with another man. I miss you, Morgana. I miss the ballsy chick that kicked True in the knee. I want you to come back to me.”
    He laid on the bunk and turned his back to the camera. She couldn’t see him, but she suspected he might be sobbing.
    This was a lot to think about. Raven didn’t know if she could hear him. She hadn’t begun to do all the things she planned to do to him yet, either. She bit her lip in thought. Was Raven sincere? It was too soon to tell. There was no way she was falling for more bullshit until he proved to her that he was a changed man. So many horrible things he said were still fresh in her memory. She didn’t know if erasing them was ever possible. Raven had no idea of the things she had wanted to say to him when they fought. She knew however that once she spoke, they’d be words she couldn’t take back, so she never said them. Maybe she should have, but she was afraid that the vile things she had on her mind would have either sent him into a rage or caused him to leave her forever.
    She touched her belly and thought no matter what happened at the end of this game, she had a part of Raven forever. Loving a man like Raven wasn’t easy. Her brothers and parents had warned her that he was dark and moody. At least her parents weren’t alive to see how badly she had failed in her marriage. However, True and Whistler were, and she hoped they would understand why she had to move away. Lana would stay here to make sure the family was alright. Raven would be fine once he got things right with her brothers. It was what she wanted for him. Lana had harped on and on about her raising a baby on her own away from the family, but she had money that Raven knew nothing about. Her parents had left each of their children a trust fund. She had never said a word and left the money alone. The Norths didn’t tell people their business and she never asked her brothers what they had done with their money. Lana was blowing through hers, of course.
    She didn’t want to shower and cook, but she needed to eat and wondered if her brothers were coming for dinner. She wasn’t up to it. She reached over and grabbed her cell, hitting the contact for her oldest brother.
    “True, can I cook for you tomorrow?” she asked, exhausted. “I had a long day and I’m tired.”
    “Morgana, is everything okay?” As always, since their parents died, he was overly concerned.
    “Just tired, and I gave my notice today. I’m sorry to be letting you down, but I won’t take any chances with my baby.”
    “You did a lot for us and I’m glad you’re outta there … but some shit came up that I need to talk to you about as soon as possible. Your house might not be too safe. You hear what I’m sayin’?”
    “True, my house has never been safe. You think I don’t know that? Come on, I’m Raven’s ol’ lady. I’m always on alert,” she said, her tone a bit edgy. “I need to shower, eat, and go to bed.”
    “Whistler thinks I should stay with you. If you want me to, I will. I think we both should be there for you.”
    Morgana couldn’t

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