Snowfall by Sharon Sala Read Free Book Online

Book: Snowfall by Sharon Sala Read Free Book Online
Authors: Sharon Sala
Tags: Fiction, General, Suspense, Romance
kidnapping of a child, who happened to be a member of one of Atlanta’s most prominent families.
    After the media attention and the father’s public accolades for McKee Securities, Mac had known he was going to make it. Occasionally he still felt guilty that his success had come at the cost of a traumatized child, but he knew what would have happened had the system not been in place.
    Tossing the wet towel onto the floor, he moved to his closet. It was time to get dressed, get some breakfast and then hit the slopes while the powder was still fresh.
    Just as he was pulling a sweater over his head, the phone began to ring. Still thinking of the little redhead, he grinned as he picked up the receiver.
    “Mac, it’s me.”
    Mac smiled. His stepbrother Aaron had been the first to call him Mac, and the nickname had stuck.
    “Aaron, how are you?” Then he laughed. “How the hell did you track me down? I told my secretary not to tell anyone where I was.”
    “I told her it was a matter of life and death,” Aaron said.
    Mac laughed again, remembering the drama with which Aaron went through life. He’d been the first person to know Aaron was gay and had accepted it without a second thought.
    “Don’t you think that’s a little dramatic, even for you?”
    But Aaron wasn’t laughing. “This isn’t a joke. We’re in trouble, and I don’t know where else to turn.”
    Mac frowned. “Who’s we, and what kind of trouble are you talking about?”
    “Caitlin Bennett. Someone is trying to kill her.”
    At that moment, a thousand things went through Mac’s mind, including the urge to hang up. Ever since their first meeting three years ago, he had alternated between the desire to shake Caitlin silly and the equally strong urge to strip her naked and take her to bed. More often than not, the latter thought usually won out, which in turn made him mad. He didn’t want to be attracted to any woman beyond a one-night stand, but the sudden thought of her dead made him ill.
    “What the hell do you mean?”
    “I’ll explain it all when you get here,” Aaron said.
    Mac exhaled sharply. “Damn it, Aaron, this is the first day of a vacation I’ve been promising myself for six years.”
    “She’s in the hospital.”
    The floor tilted beneath Mac’s feet. “What happened?”
    “Someone pushed her in front of a truck.”
    Shit. “It couldn’t have been an accident?”
    “We received a bomb threat, promising to blow the place up if we didn’t stop publishing her, and she’s been getting threatening letters for over six months.”
    Mac was still locked into the image of her lying beneath the wheels of a truck. It took him a few moments to realize Aaron was no longer speaking.
    “How bad is she?” he asked, then realized Aaron was crying. “Damn it, Aaron, talk to me.”
    “Bad bruises, some cuts and a concussion. She was lucky. This time.”
    “I don’t believe in luck,” Mac growled. “Give me a few hours to get packed and catch a flight. I’ll be there by tonight.”
    Aaron sighed. “Thank you, Mac.”
    “You knew I would come,” Mac muttered. “But you’re gonna owe me big time on this one, little brother. Caitlin Bennett and I don’t exactly get along.”
    “I didn’t ask you to like her,” Aaron said. “I just want you to save her life.”
    Mac stepped off the elevator carrying his suitcase and the strap of his carryall slung over his shoulder. His stride was long and swift, his gaze steady as he counted off the room numbers he was passing. Caitlin Bennett’s image had been in his mind ever since he’d gotten Aaron’s call. His gut was in knots. Please God, just let her be all right. When he reached Room 420, he paused, then took a deep breath and walked in.
    Almost immediately, he saw Aaron on the other side of the bed. When their gazes met, Aaron stood abruptly, his finger to his lips to signify quiet. Mac stepped inside and set his bags by the door, then glanced at the bed. The

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