Sophie's Path

Sophie's Path by Catherine Lanigan Read Free Book Online

Book: Sophie's Path by Catherine Lanigan Read Free Book Online
Authors: Catherine Lanigan
could slip his feet in more easily. Even this simple thing would be hard for the next little while.
    It was her way of trying to say she was sorry about Aleah without admitting any guilt. The hospital was not at fault. Dr. Hill and Dr. Barzonni had both told her that no one was.
    But Sophie knew that some part of Jack would always believe she had committed the gravest of errors.
    He met her eyes as she straightened up. There was no spark, no hint of the flirtation she often found with men. There was only anger and blame.
    â€œIf you have no one to take you home, I’ll drive you,” she said.
    â€œI’ll get a cab,” he huffed.
    She ground her jaw and could feel her heels digging into the linoleum. “I’ll drive you home and I will make sure you are inside the door safe and sound.”
    â€œForget it,” he said.
    â€œFine. Then I’ll tell the staff you’ll be staying here through the rest of the weekend.”
    â€œYou can’t do that!”
    â€œI can do anything I feel I need to do for the well-being of my patient,” she retorted.
    Jack snorted and punched the bed. “Fine. But I’ll dress myself.”
    â€œAbsolutely,” she chimed in. “I wouldn’t want to do anything that made you uncomfortable.” She went to the curtains and pulled them around the track to give him privacy.
    As she walked out, she heard Jack growl, “After this, I hope I never lay eyes on you again.”

    â€œT HIS IS WHERE you live?” Sophie peered through her windshield at the white three-story condo building tucked into a mass of oak, pine and maple trees on the northwest shore of Indian Lake. “I didn’t know these were here. Looks like only four units,” she mused, thinking how much she’d love to live by the water. Wouldn’t everybody? She leaned over the steering wheel to see the second-floor deck. Instead of a typical railing, twisted steel designed to resemble nautical ropes ran between white posts. “When you said the condos on the lake, I thought you meant those ugly brown monstrosities that look like a federal penitentiary. This is absolutely beautiful.”
    â€œThanks. Cate Sullivan found it and worked the deal for me.”
    â€œWow,” Sophie gushed, inspecting the private outdoor staircase that led down to the beach, a drive-in first-floor garage. The second story obviously held the main living space and on the third story were the bedrooms. She’d seen these floor plans all over the south end of Lake Michigan. She smiled as she saw a chimney wall, which could only mean a wood-burning fireplace.
    She heard the seat belt alarm ping as Jack undid his belt.
    â€œWell, thanks for the ride,” he said with a perfunctory nod.
    Sophie spun to face him. “What do you think you’re doing?”
    â€œLeaving,” he replied, his tone so brittle she snapped her head back.
    â€œNot without me.”
    He glared at her. “I think I can make it on my own.”
    She gave him a daring look. “Think so? Go for it.”
    Jack snickered, got out and slammed the door. He stood perfectly still for a long moment and then leaned against the car.
    Sophie had already unhooked her seat belt and opened her door in the time it took him to shut his. Before he could say a word, she raced over and wrapped her arm around his waist.
    â€œI’ve got this,” he said.
    â€œI see that.”
    She walked him up to the garage door and he punched in his security code.
    â€œAm I having a second concussion?” he asked.
    â€œYou’ve barely eaten since the accident. You’re fine. Nothing that chicken parmesan and spaghetti wouldn’t cure.”
    Jack opened the door and wrestled away from Sophie’s grasp. “I can make it.”
    She glanced up the stairs. “Let me be the judge.”
    Jack clung to the railing, but he managed to take the stairs at an almost normal

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