Spell Bound

Spell Bound by Rachel Hawkins Read Free Book Online

Book: Spell Bound by Rachel Hawkins Read Free Book Online
Authors: Rachel Hawkins
finally closed over the strap of the bag, but even as I pulled it to me, I wondered just what I was going to do. I’d never fired a gun in my life, and I wasn’t sure how exactly to stake something. Finley’s and Aislinn’s words echoed in my brain: Useless, useless, useless.
    I glanced up to see Izzy holding the same knife she used on me last night, but as Finley and the Were scuffled in the dirt, Izzy wavered on her feet, obviously unsure of how to go after the creature without hurting Finley. I fished in the bag and drew out a handful of holy water vials. Rising to my feet, I chucked them at the werewolf’s back with everything I had in me.
    It turned out that wasn’t a lot, because only one of the tiny bottles cracked. The others rolled harmlessly off its fur and onto the ground. Still, I got its attention.
    It rose off of Finley and spun to face me, big strings of drool dripping from its muzzle.
    I gulped as Finley scooted backward.
    Last night I’d seen a spark of humanity in the werewolf’s eyes. Tonight, with the full moon rising, it was obviously more animal than human. Still, it didn’t attack me. Instead, it lowered its nose and sniffed, cocking its head to the side.
    “That’s right,” I said, wishing my voice wasn’t shaking. “You know what I am.” I might not be able to use magic, but I knew the Were could still sense I was more than just an ordinary human. “Now, look,” I said, very aware of Finley and Izzy staring at me like I was a crazy person. “I know you’re scared, and I know these girls have been hunting you. But if you hurt them, you’re just going to give more people like them more reasons to want to kill you. So why don’t you just, uh, scamper off?”
    The Were considered me, and for the space of three breaths, I thought we might all get out of this unscathed.
    And then it bared its teeth, a low growl rumbling out of its chest, and I knew I was screwed.
    Out of the corner of my eye, I saw Finley loading a bolt in a mini-crossbow, but I knew how fast werewolves could move. There was no way she’d get off a shot before it was on me. And then I saw a bright flash. For a second, I thought maybe Izzy had fired a gun, but then that feeling of anger and pride and… power flooded through me. My hand lifted, my fingers twisted, and the werewolf froze, a sparkling net of magic holding it in place.
    There! Elodie’s voice exalted in my head, and if I’d been in control of my body, I would’ve gritted my teeth.
    I appreciate the save, but come on. This body-snatcher thing needs to stop.
    This time, there was no answer, but I felt even more magic pouring down over my head and shoulders. I watched my fingers move again, and the spell holding the werewolf pulsed, sending out blue sparks. And then, with a rush of air, the werewolf vanished.
    Where did it go? I asked Elodie.
    Another dimension , she replied, and I wondered how a voice inside my head could sound so flippant.
    What the —I started to ask, but then I was turning around and facing the Brannick girls.
    “Stop being bitchy to Sophie,” I heard myself say.
    Finley and Izzy looked at each other, then back at me. “Um, why are you talking about yourself in the third person?” Izzy asked.
    But Finley shook her head. “It’s not Sophie, Iz,” she said. “Remember what she told us? She can only do magic when a ghost possesses her. I’m guessing this is the ghost.”
    I felt myself nod. “Elodie,” my mouth said. “And I’m serious. She’s not exactly my favorite person, but she’s been through a lot. It’s not her fault your stupid club kicked Aislinn out and then got themselves killed. Crap happens.” I stepped forward toward Finley, watched as my finger poked her in the chest. “So take your teen angst somewhere else, and cut the girl some slack.”
    I was speechless. Elodie Parris, defending me? Maybe in all this chaos, hell actually had frozen over.
    Finley narrowed her eyes at me, but Izzy said, “She saved

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