Spring Fling

Spring Fling by Sabrina James Read Free Book Online

Book: Spring Fling by Sabrina James Read Free Book Online
Authors: Sabrina James
she wanted to go out. Maybe he should wait until later tonight. That way he could think about what he wanted to say. Maybe write it down on paper, so when he called her, he sounded smooth and confident.

    “We leave next Saturday. How about you?”

    “Same thing.”


    At the sound of her voice, Danielle turned around as two girls hurried toward her.
    One was a tiny brunette and the other was a tall redhead.

    “What‟s taking you so long?” the brunette asked. “Jade and Crystal are waiting in line.”

    “You have two friends named after gemstones?” Ethan asked Danielle.

    “Jade‟s my older sister, and Crystal is her best friend. And you‟re not the first person to say that to me. Crystal says the reason they instantly bonded is because they‟re like the gems they‟re named after: beautiful and flawless!”

    “Who‟s your new friend?” the redhead asked.

    “I had a little bit of a shop-and-run accident and was talking to my victim,” Danielle explained to the redhead before turning back to Ethan. “These are the shopaholics I was telling you about. Ava and Lindsey.”



    “Hi,” Ethan said to both, trying not to squirm as Ava and Lindsey inspected him from head to toe. It was obvious they were both checking him out.

    “Seems like you got a little sidetracked,” Lindsey said, giving Danielle a knowing look.

    “Why don‟t we take over and you can keep talking to Ethan,” Ava suggested, moving behind the shopping cart.

    “That‟s okay; we were just finishing up,” Danielle said.

    “Are you doing anything tonight, Ethan?” Ava asked.

    “No plans so far. Why?”

    “We‟re having a barbecue over at our place,” Ava said. “You should come.
    Wouldn‟t it be great if Ethan came over, Danielle?”

    Danielle, who seemed taken aback by Ava‟s sudden invitation, quickly nodded.
    “Definitely! You have to come!”

    Ethan couldn‟t believe what he was hearing. Danielle wanted him to come over tonight! Okay, she had been caught off guard by Ava‟s invitation, but then she had extended one herself. If she didn‟t want him to come over, she wouldn‟t have done that.
    And she wouldn‟t have given him her phone number. Maybe tonight wasn‟t an official date, but it was a beginning! If they had a good time at the barbecue, maybe there would be a real date after tonight. Just the two of them.

    “So, can you make it?” Ava asked.

    “I‟ll be there,” Ethan said.

    “If you have any friends that are as cute as you, bring them, too!” Lindsey exclaimed.

    “Here‟s our address,” Ava said, reaching into her purse and scribbling it down on a piece of paper.

    “See you later,” Danielle said as she walked away with Ava and Lindsey, who were both whispering and giggling in her ear as they stared back at Ethan.

    After the girls left, Ethan glanced down at the address Ava had written.

    He blinked in disbelief and his stomach sank.

    It couldn‟t be.

    But it was.

    The address was for the house next door to his.

    Which meant Danielle was one of the girls Cooper saw leaving earlier that afternoon.

    Suddenly he wished he hadn‟t agreed to that bet….

Chapter Six
    “What am I going to wear?” Danielle wailed as she paced from one end of her bedroom to the other.

    Lindsey, who was lying across Danielle‟s bed, flipping through a copy of Cosmo , looked up at her. “What do you mean, what are you going to wear? We just came back from a major shopping spree! You‟ve got a whole new wardrobe!”

    “Why not wear what you‟ve got on now?” Ava asked. She was sitting at a vanity table, trying on different pairs of earrings.

    “He‟s already seen me in this!” Danielle exclaimed as she rummaged through the shopping bags cluttering the floor of her bedroom.

    “And it got you results!” Lindsey reminded her.

    Danielle abandoned the shopping bags and stared at her image in the full-length mirror hanging on the closed bedroom door.

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