Stallion of Ash and Flame (Siren Publishing Classic)

Stallion of Ash and Flame (Siren Publishing Classic) by Savanna Kougar Read Free Book Online Page B

Book: Stallion of Ash and Flame (Siren Publishing Classic) by Savanna Kougar Read Free Book Online
Authors: Savanna Kougar
Tags: Romance
she already was.
    For that reason, he merely swiped a comb through his shoulder length hair, the same color as his mane. A dark brown close to black, it was burnished by bronze like his coat. His mane and tail were a darker shade. His skin color showed the bronze pigment as well. He could move about on Earth easier than some of his brethren since his features resembled the Apache race mixed with Caucasian blood. However, many of his race would have been considered so odd in appearance as to be mutations or what they were, alien to Earth.
    Donning a clean pair of denims and a dark green t-shirt, he strolled toward the kitchen. The smell of onions cooking in bacon fat and olive oil wafted toward him. Obviously hearing his footsteps, she looked up from slicing potatoes. She’d changed into a sloppy looking pale pink t-shirt and some tan drawstring pants. Her pistol lay within easy reach. Despite the looseness of her I’m-off-limits clothing, he already knew the ripe curves of her body.
    “Get settled in?” she asked, then dumped a bowl full of cut potatoes into the frying pan to cook along with the sautéed onions.
    “All settled in. How are you doing?”
    “I’m keeping busy right now so I don’t have to think too much.” She began dicing a green pepper.
    “Tell me where the plates and silverware are, I’ll set the table,” he offered as casually as he could, the last feeling he had for her being casual.
    “Look in the dishwasher. I rarely have time to put anything away. It just gets used and washed.”
    Heading to the dishwasher at the other end of the long rectangular kitchen, he opened it and pulled out plates, glasses and what looked like real silverware.
    “Bring the plates over here. I’ll load them up once it’s ready. Get whatever you want out of the fridge to drink. There’s purified water in the gallon jars.”
    Setting the glasses and silverware down on the simple plank table constructed of dark wood, he brought the two mismatched plates over to the counter beside her. “Real silverware?” he asked.
    “Yep, the real stuff. Rory and I buy it every chance we get. Estate sales and such.”
    “Why? For any reason other than the value of silver?”
    “Yeah, that’s our secret nest egg,” she joked. “Well, I suppose it could have been if we hadn’t know.” She stirred, then turned over the mixture, so it would brown more evenly, and crumbled in the bacon. “Actually, silver is good for your health. It keeps all the bad germs away. That’s why we originally started buying it. We give it as gifts to those who will use it.”
    “What do you want to drink?” he asked, walking to the fridge.
    “There should be a jug of fresh milk and water. I don’t have much in the way of soda, except some of the organic brands. There’s some good salsa and ketchup. Yeah, Rory has to have ketchup on about everything. Help yourself to whatever you can find. Could be a beer or two, although Rory usually keeps it in his small fridge.”
    “No alcohol for me. I want to stay sharp.” He brought out the milk and water, then grabbed out a bottle of apple juice. He often drank it by the gallon.
    “I heard on the news there was a fire they thought would turn ugly, but it mysteriously died out. Good thing, since it wasn’t all that far away from here.” She piled the potato mixture onto the plates, then carried them to the table. “If you don’t like my cooking, Luke and Spook will gobble it up.”
    “Is that a threat?” he teased, and pulled out a chair for her.
    She twisted around, staring up at him for a moment, disbelief darkening her eyes. “No,” she murmured, sitting. “I just thought if you didn’t like it, or didn’t want to finish—”
    “Hungrier than a horse.” He seated himself opposite her. “How are they doing, Luke and Spook?”
    “Drinking tons of water. I left their outside door open for now. I boiled them some chicken liver. Gave them the broth mostly. Dig in,” she

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