Star-Crossed Mates

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Book: Star-Crossed Mates by Scarlet Hyacinth Read Free Book Online
Authors: Scarlet Hyacinth
Tags: Romance, Romance MM, erotic MM
Just a few moments ago, he’d sensed his tenuous connection with his mates overflowing with sexual energy. That had given him hope, at the same time making him dread the moment of the call. It didn’t take a genius to figure out Clay would not forgive him so easily. Klaus had hoped Clay would be open to suggestions, and that might’ve been the case, if Klaus hadn’t fucked up yet again.
    Wolfram leaned against the desk and stared at him, deep in thought. “He doesn’t like me much, does he?”
    He sounded troubled, and Klaus cursed himself for not finding a better solution. At this point, the situation in the Den had become increasingly strained, with Wolfram’s mates also showing a jealous streak. Dietrich must have suspected the previous liaison between the Magistrate and Klaus because he didn’t seem terribly surprised. At the same time, however, the man’s temper pushed away whatever reasoning led him to accept Klaus in the first place. Fritz had been drawn into it, and now, Wolfram was officially banished from the quarters he shared with his mates. Klaus had intended to explain all this to Clay, but his mate never gave him the chance.
    Klaus rubbed his forehead, a heavy migraine already pounding at his skull. “Now what?”
    The door of the room opened, revealing Dietrich and Fritz in the hallway. “I suppose it’s up to us to find them,” Fritz said.
    “Besides,” Dietrich added, “I have a few tricks up my sleeve and know some people who might be able to help us.” Klaus must have looked confused because Dietrich clarified, “Witches. Some of us can scry and are quite talented at locating people or objects.”

    Scarlet Hyacinth
    Klaus distantly recalled Dietrich’s mother had been a witch. The suggestion gave him renewed hope before a thought occurred to him.
    “Why aren’t we trying to find Joseph the same way?” he inquired.
    “I did try,” Dietrich replied, “but there needs to be a connection, some sort of thread for the magic to follow. My blood bond with Joseph has all but disappeared. The virus must be polluting him to such an extent that it blocks every family link I might’ve kept with him.” He gave Klaus a look full of meaning. “It will be the same for you. If your connection with the two of them is strong enough, we might be able to find them.”
    Klaus didn’t put much trust into that. Their bond was already straining under the weight of their own emotion. To add the intervention of magic into it would be sheer folly.
    It occurred to him someone else could help them. “There is another way,” he said. “Amy.” Amy Hart was very close to her brother. The connection between the two siblings rivaled even a mate bond. “Would it work?”
    Dietrich considered the question and shook his head. “It might, but Amy has proven difficult to work with.”
    So they’d already tried this with Amy and failed. Great. Just great.
    “It seems to me they don’t want be found,” Fritz added unhelpfully.
    As much as he wanted to be angry with them, Klaus knew they were right. “The fault lies with me,” he answered, “but the longer they’re out there alone, the more the danger increases. Joseph may be lying low now, but I think he will go after them.”
    Dietrich stared at him for a few moments in silence. “Well then,”
    he finally said, “I suppose the ball’s in your court. Do you think you care about them enough?”
    Klaus didn’t even hesitate. “Let’s do this.”

    Star-Crossed Mates

Chapter Four
    The next day, Klaus, Wolfram, and the Magistrate’s mates arrived in London. The thick fog made the landing of the private jet difficult, but eventually, they made it to their destination safe and sound.
    Klaus was curious about this famous witch they needed to see. His idea of wise women created the picture of some old hag living in the middle of nowhere, not in one of the most famous cities of the world.
    Dietrich’s friend went by the motto “hiding in plain

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