Stay Tuned for Danger

Stay Tuned for Danger by Carolyn Keene Read Free Book Online

Book: Stay Tuned for Danger by Carolyn Keene Read Free Book Online
Authors: Carolyn Keene
Tags: Detective and Mystery Stories
shall we?”
    “Calm down, Mattie! You’re not going to let some practical joker ruin your day, are you?” Rick opened the front door of the studio for them, and Mattie, Bess, and Nancy filed past him onto the sidewalk.
    “Come on,” he added with a grin. “Let me treat you all to lunch—while I’m still alive, that is.”
    “Stop it! Stop pretending everything’s fine!” Mattie turned on him, her green eyes flashing. “You’ve got to be terrified! Why don’t you just come out and admit it?”
    “Me? Terrified? Don’t be ridiculous.—they can’t kill me. The world needs me! Besides, it’d spoil the ratings if I died.”
    “Oh, I could just punch you,” Mattie growled. “And I’ll pay for my own lunch, thank you.”
    “Whatever you say.” Rick shrugged. “I’ll just have to treat Bess—and Nancy, of course. Right, ladies?”
    Bess and Nancy said nothing, embarrassed by the way Rick was taunting Mattie. Nancy started to walk off by herself.
    “Hey, look who’s here!” said Rick, his attention caught by a man at the studio door. “It’s the president of the losers’ league himself. Hi, Dwayne.”
    Dwayne Casper, Mattie’s agent, rushed up to them, pointedly ignoring Rick’s remark. Nancy stopped and observed the scene at a short distance from the others. “Mattie!” he cried, throwing his arms around her. “I was bringing some of your new head shots to the front office and I heard what happened. It’s absolutely outrageous! Are you all right, darling?”
    “Oh, I suppose so,” Mattie replied softly, shaking free of his embrace. “It was awfully upsetting, but—”
    “But nothing,” Dwayne said, interrupting. “You’re in danger, and I won’t have it!”
    “Keep your shirt on, Casper,” Rick said, with a scornful laugh. “This nut is supposedly after me, not Mattie. Why don’t you leave us alone and go hover over some of your other clients. If you have any, that is.”
    “Rick!” Mattie cried sharply.
    “It’s all right, Mattie, he doesn’t bother me. As long as you’re all right—”
    “I’m fine, Dwayne. Please don’t worry about me.” Mattie smiled at him warmly. “Honest.”
    “Yeah, don’t worry, old buddy. I’ll take care of Mattie,” Rick said, trying to assure him.
    “Oh, I’m sure you will.” Dwayne sneered. Then he turned to Mattie and took her by the hand, looking deeply into her eyes. “I want you to promise to call me if there’s any more trouble on the set.”
    Mattie nodded, then Dwayne walked off, throwing a nasty look over his shoulder at Rick.
    “For pete’s sake, Mattie,” Rick muttered before Dwayne was out of earshot, “when are you going to dump that jerk and get yourself a real agent!”
    “Oh, Dwayne’s not so bad,” Mattie answered, watching the man disappear. “Remember, he took me on as a client when nobody else would even give me an interview.”
    “But you’ve come a long way since then. You’re a star now. You should have a major agency representing you,” he said as they started walking to catch up with Nancy.
    “I don’t know. Somehow I’d feel like a rat if I left Dwayne.”
    “All I know is, a major agency could get you a lot more work and more money. And a girl with your talent deserves the best.” Seeing he was getting nowhere, Rick threw up his hands. “All right, I won’t say another word. You know how I feel, though.” He stopped in front of an expensive-looking restaurant. “Here we are. Serena, Nurse Sanford, Nurse Johnson, would you care to have lunch with me?” he said, opening the restaurant door for them.
    “It’s Saturday morning and time for another edition of ‘Soap Opera Weekly,’ where we bring you the latest on your favorite shows and introduce you to the stars,” the television announcer was saying as Bess shook Nancy’s shoulder.
    “Wake up, Nancy Drew!” Bess said, mimicking the announcer. “Come on. The alarm went off ten minutes ago! Your aunt’s still sleeping so

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