Student Body - Taking One for the Team

Student Body - Taking One for the Team by A.M. Hess Read Free Book Online

Book: Student Body - Taking One for the Team by A.M. Hess Read Free Book Online
Authors: A.M. Hess
the goal line.
    The crowd exploded as Adam Carlson scored his first collegiate touchdown. The band played and a cannon sounded. Pandemonium filled the arena as State lost the lead. Kelly watched as Adam handed the ball to the referee and jogged back to the sidelines with his teammates patting him on the helmet. His humility was a stark difference to the show-off dancing that most football stars brought to the field. She was proud watching his performance.
    Adam Carlson, #26 scored twice more before the end of the game. In fact, he was the only player who scored for either team in the final quarter. His speed and quickness was unparalleled, he read the defense and exploited weaknesses. His timing was perfect, he ran each play exactly as it had been planned and State had no answer for his scoring. Each trip past the goal line ended with Adam humbly handing off the ball to an official and jogging back to the sidelines.
    The celebration began the moment the final whistle sounded ending the game with State in an 18 point deficit. The students flooded the field enjoying a key win for their university. Inside the All-Star Club was a similar scene with people clapping and cheering, most were on their feet. Drinks were being served continuing the festive atmosphere.
    The televisions in the club changed from the game coverage to a closed circuit feed of the coach who was ready to discuss the game with local reporters. When his image filled the screen, the room began to quite, many brought the room under control with, “Quite down now, Coach Norris is about to speak!”
    Coach Norris began in the fashion of Southern Gentleman. He thanked God for keeping the teams safe, spoke well about the great State football program and claimed he had a great group of coaches that make big wins possible. He answered question for a few minutes and then introduced the schools new star receiver.
    The camera panned to Adam Carlson, still in uniform with sweat beading on his face. Kelly held her breath hoping that his thug persona would be left somewhere else for this particular interview. A reporter could be heard asking, “Adam, can you tell us what it means to you being the highest scorer in your first game and in such a big rivalry.”
    Carlson turned to face the camera and spoke calmly, “It feels wonderful to be part of such a great university and playing for a team with a long history of winning. I was honored when Coach Norris asked me to part of this amazing program and I am honored today to have helped my team bring home a win.” He paused; the reporter encouraged him to continue. “Today’s victory isn’t about me. There’s a whole locker room of guys who work hard every day. We are only a team together. We have the best coaches in the nation and the best professors who support our challenges of being student athletes. You asked me what it means to me, it would mean nothing to me without the team, the coaches and the support of the greatest university in the nation.”
    Coach Norris put an arm around his young player and faced the camera. “That, ladies and gentlemen, is the type of character we look for in our program. I’m proud of all my kids, but Mr. Carlson here is a fine example of why we work so hard in the off season to find the best prospects across the nation.” He turned to Adam, “Thank you, son.  You had a great game today, now hit the showers.”
    The reporters fired questions at the coach but the All-Star Club was in deep conversation about the humble interview they had just witnessed. The boosters were extremely happy to have a win but Adam’s interview would be the lead story on the news broadcast. They had a talented, humble, well spoken athlete as they face of their football program. This good looking young man would bring donation pouring in.
    As Kelly and Donna prepared to go, she felt a hand on her shoulder. Brenda Cook stood next to her. She bent and whispered into Kelly’s ear, “You’ve done very well

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