Submitting to the Alpha (Paranormal Werewolf Shifter Romance)

Submitting to the Alpha (Paranormal Werewolf Shifter Romance) by Joanna Wilson Read Free Book Online

Book: Submitting to the Alpha (Paranormal Werewolf Shifter Romance) by Joanna Wilson Read Free Book Online
Authors: Joanna Wilson
    Submitting to the Alpha
    Chapter 1
    Surprisingly enough, the bathroom floor was warm from the heated tiles. It made sitting down on the floor a bit more tolerable. If it had been cold, Sapphire could have complained bitterly and added that to her already terrible morning. The warmth added an unexpected measure of comfort .
    It allowed her to think.
    “So, I threw up." She rambled out loud and tucked her knees into her chest. "Missed my period. Got a little bump. It could just be stress.”
    Only one way to find out though. She pulled herself up off the floor and immediately missed the comfort of the heated tiles. Fingers combed through her hair and her exhausted reflection looked back at her.
    She opened the faucet and splashed some cold water on her face. Just as she reached to shut it, Jasmine burst through the door. Panic clouded the young wolf's timid face as she said. “Madam Alpha, I heard you scream. Is everything ok?”
    Sapphire grabbed a towel and dabbed her face. “I told you to call me Sapphire, Jasmine.” She reminded coolly. She had no plans of telling Jasmine her predicament, not until she knew for sure. At any rate, Jasmine might run straight to Sin with the information.
    Speaking of Sin… “Do you know where my Mate is?"
    If she knew Sin as well as she thought, he’d want to be the first one to know, even if Sapphire thought she was pregnant. If he found out second hand? Sapphire shook her head as a shiver went up her spine. No, best tell him when I'm certain.
    “He’s on a conference call. Would you like me to get him? Is it urgent?” Jasmine asked in a rush.
    Sapphire rolled her eyes and waved off Jasmine’s concern. “No, I'm fine.” She responded easily as she tugged on her jeans. “I’m just going to head over to the doctor. Which is…” Sapphire let the sentence trail, still not used to the compound. The place was the size of a small town and had just about everything. Yet two weeks here and Sapphire still didn’t know where anything was  except the forest.
    “The doctor?” Jasmine gasped.
    If only she would faint and fan herself. That would really make my morning. Sapphire stared at Jasmine, who looked two steps away from crumpling into a puddle on her carpet.
    “You ok, Jasmine? You’re acting a bit… strange.” Sapphire looked the woman up and down for any problems, her alpha protectiveness kicking into high gear.
    Ever since she and Sin had come back from Mark’s wedding, she’d been stepping up to the alpha plate and involving herself more in the pack. She’d even started rationalizing and thinking things out. Who’d have known thinking before acting was the way?
    “It’s nothing, Madam Al--Sapphire. Just that time of the month, I think.” Jasmine blushed. Sapphire cocked her head and regarded Jasmine curiously. Must be that time of the month if Jasmine was actually blushing.
    Sapphire gave Jasmine a curt nod and moved past her out of the room. “So where’s the doctor’s office?”
    “I’ll take you there, Madam Alpha.” The Beta Christopher appeared at the end of the hall and leaned casually against the staircase banister. Had he been there the whole time?
    Sapphire heard a sharp intake of breath and turned to look over her shoulder at Jasmine. The young wolf looked ready to attack the Beta and claw his eyes out. What's going on with those two? Rolling her eyes, Sapphire continued to the staircase and descended the steps. “Excellent.”
    Jasmine hung back at the top of the stairs, for once not following Sapphire around and talking her ear off. Out of the corner of her eye, she looked over at Christopher seeing the grim set of his lips before he caught her looking and his face completely changed.
    “So why are you heading to the doctor, Alpha?” Christopher asked as they pushed through the front doors and Sapphire began to walk beside him.
    Can’t tell him before Sin.

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