Surrept by Taylor Andrews Read Free Book Online

Book: Surrept by Taylor Andrews Read Free Book Online
Authors: Taylor Andrews
Tags: Fiction, Literary, Mystery & Detective, Women Sleuths
speaks in their tongue. "You look well, Ahmed. The time off has done you well. Praise is to Allah you have arrived. What happened yesterday?"
    Ahmed answers in his tongue. "I did not get the message that you had returned until late in the afternoon, and please forgive me"
    He looks at him. "Ahmed, the call has come and we are now many. Are you ready to keep your promise?"
    Ahmed speaks as if offended. "Of course, that is why I am here."
    "You shall be a part of history that has never before been considered by this world, give praise to Allah. We all shall live the rest of our lives by his favor. Does anyone other than you know about this?" Ahmed looks at the man with conviction, "No, no one, I would never share this with anyone."
    The man stares deep into Ahmed's eyes as if to read his heart. Ahmed feels fear come over him as the man reaches down next to the table and picks up a large briefcase. He sets it on the table between them and opens it, blocking Ahmed's view. Ahmed moves his hand against the briefcase just in case this goes wrong.
    The man sets a new Macintosh laptop along with cords, a charger, a broadband module, and a flash drive on the table. He closes the case and returns it to the floor. Ahmed looks at him curiously and waits.
    "Ahmed, this is a Mac not a PC. Do you know this system?"
    "Yes, it is popular with many students here in the U.S."
    He pushes it all toward Ahmed, "This is a gift to you, there is only one copy of the flash drive, don't lose it."
    "You need to review these files and memorize them, then destroy the laptop and the flash drive after you receive your first and only message. It will come online and tell you when to proceed. Then destroy everything as soon as possible."
    Ahmed nods to him as he gathers the equipment.
    The man speaks while Ahmed places the items in his backpack. "It is brand new and has only been used by me to prepare you and the others, who have all received the same gift. Ahmed, this is for you to gain the information you need, no one is to get this. Do you understand?"
    Ahmed nods as he maintains eye contact.
    "You are reviewing the flash drive, memorize it and then destroy it all, only by fire, do you understand?"
    Ahmed's mind is filled with the images of his family as he answers him. "I understand: review, memorize, and destroy by fire only, as soon as possible."
    "Good, now is the time for clear minds and focus." Ahmed puts his backpack over his shoulder, looks at him confidently, and replies, "Is there anything else I need to know?"
    The round man smiles as he answers. "Just one thing Ahmed. You remind me so much of your father. He would be proud to see the man you have become."
    They both stand. "You think so?"
    He grabs Ahmed's shoulder. "I know so." He smiles and slaps Ahmed on the shoulder.
    The man walks out of the office, turns the light off, exits the room and shuts the door. Ahmed waits a few minutes before he leaves the building and then walks quickly back to the van.
    Ahmed arrives back at the market and goes inside with his backpack. Omar, in the storage area preparing his deliveries, meets him. Omar smiles at him and waves him over.
    "How did it go with your class schedules?"
    "It went good; I got all of the classes I wanted."
    "I am sure that you will do as well in your studies as you did last term. I have already prepared most of the deliveries for you except for the perishable items. You will have to pull those, but everything else is ready. Have you had lunch?"
    "I will put my things away, eat, and then load the van."
    Omar sets down a box on the delivery table. "I will prepare lunch. What would you like today?"
    "Anything that is easy. I want to get all of the deliveries done. I have some school work to do as soon as I get back."
    Omar smiles and shakes his head as he turns to go prepare lunch.
    Ahmed heads down to the basement to hide his backpack. He stashes it in some boxes that are never gone into.
    He sets two boxes on top of it. He goes into the

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