Swallowing His Pride

Swallowing His Pride by Serena Pettus Read Free Book Online

Book: Swallowing His Pride by Serena Pettus Read Free Book Online
Authors: Serena Pettus
Tags: Paranormal Erotic Romance, Shapeshifter
they’re dangerous, it would be nice to have protection,” she conceded.
    “Just firing it into the air is enough to scare most animals away. Those that don’t run are probably sick.”
    “I’ll be careful. Maybe, I’ll get a big dog. I was originally planning to get a cat.”
    Well, this was interesting. “So you like cats?”
    “Yeah, I prefer cats over dogs, simply because they’re more independent. Besides, I think felines are fun. Who can resist a quirky little kitten that’s getting into everything? It beats the hell out of having a dog that chews up everything.”
    “Odd as this may seem, seeing as I’m a guy and should prefer dogs, I actually get along much better with cats. I just don’t seem able to mesh well with any kind of canine.”
    Just then, the bartender returned with their drinks, placing the two fruity cocktails before them with a flourish. “Sex on the beach and a Wallbanger,” he announced. “You two lovebirds have fun.”
    Dylan’s laughter startled Samantha, and he tried to cut it short but failed miserably when he saw that she’d blushed clear to her roots.
    “You don’t have to be embarrassed, sweetheart,” Dylan soothed, his hand settling over hers where it rested on the bar. “I’m honored that anyone thinks I could have a chance with you.”
    Her brows drew together, her look of disbelief telling him she wasn’t accustomed to receiving compliments. Had her husband never flattered her?
    “I tell you what… How about we finish these drinks then walk around for a bit? Maybe, we’ll find Liam and Lynn.”
    Giving a nod, Samantha downed her drink quickly and stood. The fact that she hadn’t said a word since the bartender’s comment and the way she seemed to be withdrawing agitated his lion half.
    The big cat didn’t want this female getting away, and neither did he, so Dylan tossed back the girly concoction he’d been served and reached for her hand before they walked. When her slender fingers threaded with his, he let out a relieved breath. Now, he needed to get her talking again.
    “So, are you an avid runner? I couldn’t help but notice how good your form was in the gym this morning.” At her arched brow and little smirk, heat entered his face. She’d totally caught on to his lame conversation starter. Damn . Had a woman ever made him blush?
    “I’ll let you slide on that sad excuse for leering at me earlier,” she laughed. “But yes, I do run a lot. It’s the only exercise I enjoy besides dancing.”
    It was getting late, but Dylan couldn’t help but want more time with her. He wasn’t foolish enough to think she’d blow off her friend for him, but he still asked, “Will you be running in the morning? I’d love to see you again. My brother and I are here until Sunday.”
    “We’re leaving Sunday, as well,” she replied. “I’m planning on running again tomorrow, but I’m not sure if Lynn will be up for it. No doubt, she’s a bit drunk by now, otherwise she wouldn’t have wandered off.”
    Obviously, Samantha was getting worried about Lynn, and frankly, Dylan wondered where the hell Liam had gotten off to. “Let’s try their phones again and see if we can get them.”
    Samantha dialed, held the phone to her ear then gave him a frustrated look. “It went straight to voicemail. Either it’s dead or she accidently shut it off again.” Huffing out a breath, she muttered, “I should put her on a leash.”
    Not a bad idea. Perhaps, he’d get one for Liam, as well. Just when he was ready to give up on his own call, Liam answered with a breathless, “Hello?”
    “Where the hell are you?” Dylan demanded. He’d better not be dipping his dick in a showgirl when he was supposed to be with Lynn!
    “I’m trying to keep up with your girl’s crazy-ass friend! A few shots of tequila and she’s thinking this is the Coyote Ugly bar.” There were some shuffling sounds then a muffled, “Quit climbing that! We’re gonna get kicked out of here if you

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