Sweeter Than Honey

Sweeter Than Honey by Delilah Devlin Read Free Book Online

Book: Sweeter Than Honey by Delilah Devlin Read Free Book Online
Authors: Delilah Devlin
Tags: erotic;red hot;18th century;sheriff
lure, and the devil whispering in her ear reminded her she had a score to settle.
    Yet she feared he’d waken while she took advantage of his helpless state. How would she explain herself? Could she live down the humiliation?
    She leaned close to his face. “Sheriff,” she said softly, but he didn’t move. Not an eyelash blinked. His eyelashes were dark and thick, and when she ruffled them with a finger, they felt like soft bristles. Again, he didn’t react.
    She cupped his cheek and felt the coarse whiskers that shadowed his strong, square jaw. Leaning closer, she rubbed her cheek against his and felt the friction that excited her all the more. Her true fascination lay in all the ways their bodies differed. The most prominent being the thick, ridged cock that lay against his belly.
    Darker, ruddier in color than the rest of his skin, his sex was fascinating. And the blunt cap crowning his…member…was surprisingly spongy to the touch—which she discovered when she gave it a timid poke with her finger. Beneath the ridge surrounding the crown, his shaft was anything but soft. She lightly scraped a fingernail along his shaft, all the while scolding herself for her wicked curiosity.
    His cock jerked, which made her gasp, and she felt her own sex tighten and pulse. How odd they seemed so in tune.
    Another sweeping glance and she noted the powerful swells of his chest muscles and the tapering of his narrow waist. She skipped over his sex and followed the curves of his massive thighs and calves all the way down to his large feet and toes.
    Was there a part of him she didn’t want to touch?
    The ladies had made sure she could have her wicked way with him—if she had the courage to try.
    A light, warm breeze wafted through the wagon, reminding her the door was wide open and anyone who might approach her camp would have a helluva view inside, despite the waning daylight.
    She closed the wooden door and leaned her back against it, biting her lip as she fought with her conscience…and lost.
    He’d touched her intimately. Made her feel things a woman only wants to feel with a man she truly cares about.
    That he couldn’t be that man didn’t matter now. She’d had years of loneliness to imagine what lying with a man might be like. Now she had one at her disposal to explore all the wicked wanton things she’d dreamed of sitting on her wagon seat, watching the homes she passed and daydreaming about the couples who lived inside.
    Only once before had she let herself be fooled that she could have that normal life, but the man who’d first turned her head had taken from her—just like this one had. That her first lover hadn’t fully consummated the act didn’t make her feel any better about herself.
    She’d been desperate for the feel of strong arms around her, a broad shoulder to rest her head upon. That Sheriff Tanner had, at first, seemed to be a decent sort of man and had indicated interest in her had once again turned her head.
    “Fool me once, shame on you,” she whispered. “Fool me twice, shame on me.”
    Well, if there was already shame to spread around, why go only halves? Staring at his wakening cock, she reached behind her and unbuttoned her blouse and hung it on a hook. Then she stepped out of her skirt. Dressed only in her chemise, she decided she didn’t look nearly wanton enough.
    She dug through her dresser for her favorite corset—a black confection of lace and satin with bright red lacings up the front. She tore off her chemise and donned the corset, lacing it so tightly her breasts spilled over the top.
    Then she did the wickedest thing she could imagine, she shucked her pantalets, drew thin stockings up her bare legs and fastened them with frilly black garters.
    She didn’t particularly care what he’d think when he first spied her standing nearly naked in front of him. This was all about how she felt.
    Wanton. Free. A little scared, but determined she’d have him—if only to satisfy herself

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