Taking In Strays

Taking In Strays by Kracken Read Free Book Online

Book: Taking In Strays by Kracken Read Free Book Online
Authors: Kracken
selfish acts.
    “I’m fine!” Donny called back and coughed as he levered himself to his feet and turned off the water. After leaving the shower stall, he used toilet paper to blow his nose and then toweled off. Dry and naked, he stood blankly and couldn’t think what to do next.
    “I have a robe,” Parker offered. The door opened a crack and the red robe pushed through it.
    “Thanks,” Donny said and pulled it on. It was very large on him, but a cloth belt wrapped it tight to his quickly chilling frame. Thick and comfortable, it seemed out of character for Peter. Pulling at the label, Donny read the name of an expensive brand. Like the colorful painting, it was probably some ex lover’s attempt to change Peter, to make him less boring?
    Donny felt a rush of annoyance as he leaned on the sink, wiped at the fogged mirror, and looked at the stubble on his chin critically. Why would anyone want to change Peter? He wondered. How stupid were these men that they couldn’t see that Peter was perfect just the way he was?
    “Can I use your razor?” Donny wondered loudly.
    There was a slight hesitation before Peter replied, “Okay, but you’re sick, not going to a night club. Don’t worry about how you look. You need to get into bed and get some rest.”
    Donny was suffering from enough low self esteem when it came to Peter. If he could rectify even a small bit of the man’s opinion, by taking the time to shave, even with shaky hands, it was worth the trouble.
    Donny was careful and managed not to cut himself. When he was done, he cleaned out the razor and the sink, and finally gave in to the need to crawl into a warm bed.
    Opening the door let in a rush of air slightly less warm than the bathroom. Peter was standing outside. Holding a steaming mug of coffee in one hand, he put his other hand under Donny’s elbow and ushered him towards the bedroom. Donny like the feel of that steadying hand and Peter protectively making certain that he wasn’t going to fall.
    Crawling under blankets, Donny couldn’t help a groan of relief. His entire body ached, his face felt full of mucus and painful, and he could sense a low grade fever heating his skin. Propping himself up on pillows, he was grateful to take the mug of coffee and sip at it while Peter leaned solicitously over him.
    Belly and body warmed up, Donny finally met those blue eyes. “Thank you,” he said. “I don’t know what I would have done…”
    Peter looked embarrassed as he decided to share something personal. “Something about you told me not to let you just walk away,” he said. “I couldn’t let you give up on yourself. I don’t know what happened between you and your father, but I can sympathize. My dad didn’t exactly greet my news, that I was gay, with enthusiasm and warm wishes. In fact, we didn’t even talk for several years afterward. He was-” Peter swallowed hard and his expression became sad. “He was on his deathbed when he decided that shutting me out of his life had been the worst decision that he had ever made.”
    Donny felt emotions choke him and he wrapped hands around his coffee mug for warmth, even though hot coffee couldn’t warm a chilled soul. “My father isn’t likely to change his mind.”
    Peter’s big hand reached out and touched Donny’s shoulder, offering comfort. “You don’t know that. He might calm down and change his mind. The shock of his finding out-“
    Donny felt anger and bitterness well up along with an urge to sleep that made him put aside his mug on the side table and sink into the blankets. “He asked me how long I’ve known that I was gay. I replied that I’ve always known,” Donny told Peter. “He asked when I first had sex with another guy, I told him, fourteen. That’s when he called me a pedophile, a pervert, and a monster. You didn’t see his eyes, Peter. You didn’t hear how he said those things. He meant every word.”
    Peter was quiet as his hand left Donny’s shoulder. That spot felt

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