Taking What He Wants

Taking What He Wants by Jordan Silver Read Free Book Online

Book: Taking What He Wants by Jordan Silver Read Free Book Online
Authors: Jordan Silver
mom was coming over to watch over her, I had things to do, things that I refused to delay.
    I pulled up to the Fielding residence unannounced; Joann answered the door with a weary look. Good.
    "Celine's not here Chase, I wish you people would just leave us alone."
    "May I come in?"
    I didn't wait for her answer but pushed past her, it was the husband I was after, though she held much of the blame, I was raised to believe a man was the head of his house, whatever went on here, he allowed, whether by participation or neglect, he had no excuse.
    "Carl, where's your daughter?"
    "As my wife already told you, she's not here, we have no idea where she is." He looked like he wanted to disappear.
    "You're lying, I know you are, you would never let your precious daughter go on the run without your help."
    "Celine would never do what they're accusing her of..."
    "They have her on tape Joann, your daughter hit my pregnant wife and knocked her out cold, now where is she?"
    "Haven't you done enough to this family, haven't you destroyed us with your filth, what more do you want?"
    "I destroyed you, I don't recall taking part in the filth as you so aptly put it, however that ship has sailed, I will warn you only once, tell me where she is or I will make you pay."
    "How does Delia feel about your being here, does she know that you seek to destroy her family?"
    "Family, what family? I'm her family, my family is her family, you've never been a family to her, don't think you can start now."
    "I don't know what that little tramp have been telling you but it's all lies, we were always good to her."
    "Watch what you say about my wife...."
    "She's our daughter..."
    "Yes, the daughter you shunned and berated while putting that whore up on a pedestal, listen enough of this, just tell me where she is I don't have time for this shit."
    She set her face mutinously and folded her arms. I looked to Carl but he looked everywhere but at me, good, now I can carry out the decision I had made with a clear conscience.
    "Don't say you weren't warned."
    I walked out the same way I came in.
    I had my phone to my ear before I turned the key in the ignition.
    "Drew, remember what we talked about? It's a go."
    I hung up the phone and headed back to the house, I think I will stay home today, dad will understand.
    Mom was already there when I got back, I wouldn't be needing her services after all, it was my job to look after Delia.
    "Mom, I'm sorry I got you out here for nothing but I've decided to stay home today."
    "That's alright son, Delia and I had a nice little talk, I think I'll go do some shopping for my grand baby, you need anything before I go?"
    "No we're good."
    I kissed her cheek and gave her a hug in thanks for being kind to one who needed it so badly,I will make sure that my girl was surrounded only by love, no one would ever be allowed to hurt her again, not if I could help it.
    We said our goodbyes and I set Delia up on the couch in my study with her school books and her iPod . 
    My decision to remain at home was two pronged, I needed to be close to her, after what happened I needed that reassurance that my little family was safe, and also, I knew that when the wheels that I set in motion started to turn, those vultures would seek her out, I will be a shield between her and them. They'll never get past me to get to her.
    By one o'clock that afternoon my family's company that was run by my brother had bought and called in the mortgage on the Fielding residence.
    Phase one of my open warfare had begun, let's see how long it took them to play ball.

Chapter 10
    I know the shit's going to hit the fan as soon as their loan is called in, so I did everything to insulate Delia. They didn't have her new cell number, my house phones were turned off for the duration, anyone who needed me could reach me on my cell, so her parents couldn't reach her, and if they came to the office, that was fine by me.
    I wanted them to come after me

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