Tales of a Trail of Life

Tales of a Trail of Life by Ann Graham Read Free Book Online

Book: Tales of a Trail of Life by Ann Graham Read Free Book Online
Authors: Ann Graham
Chapter One
    Tales of a Trail of Life has been written as a nonfiction /
fiction eBook. A lot of actual events that could and did happen in many lives
and told here in such a way that you the reader can relate to yourself or you
possibly know of someone that experienced a similar life.
    As an author of short stories and a weekly column for a small
weekly newspaper, I enjoy submissions that I can include in my ‘Tales of a
Trail of Life’ column. There was a large envelope on my desk one morning last
week that I didn’t get a chance to open until later in the afternoon. I took
the time to lean back in my chair with a fresh cup of coffee while the office
was closed and began reading. The warmth of her words and the story thread was
so interesting that I asked for her permission to share it in its entirety. It
was granted and thus this story unfolds.
    The time frame for the story goes
back to the late 50’s to the current year of this writing, 2012.  Romance is
the theme but nostalgic values of past and present can be adjusted for any time
span that would incorporate your own personal fantasy or similar facts in
    The hand written submission was a
standout in an age where everything is in a word document digital template.
This story is compiled from Ashley Biggly’s daily journals during a special
time period and we get to enter her personal life and live the humor, drama,
excitement and nostalgia that she shares. 
    I must confess that when I opened
the envelope I did hold it up to my nose for a tell tale whiff of perfume but
there was none. Back in the day when snail mail was our form of romantic
communication, letters arrived with an aroma of a favorite perfume. I never
gave it much thought until now. How did all the mail carriers enjoy those
scented communications where hearts were opened up one to another?
    Keeping in mind that it’s not a
letter but pages of a personal diary that I’m sharing with you and adding my
author’s license to blend it together, enjoy the read. Cry when she cries,
laugh when she laughs, hurt when she hurts, rejoice when she…..you get the
    The story setting is a small town
and its rural surroundings with an old railroad bed converted into a
recreational hiking and biking trail. The fictional town of Myers, PA has a
very special history and is very instrumental in making this story possible. As
you will learn, Ashley has an almost fairy tale story to share spanning over
fifty years.
    In my weekly column I always encourage the
readers to share a snippet of their ‘ Tales of a Trail
of Life.’ When appropriate I edit for content that may not be appropriate, real
town character names have been changed and places mentioned are altered to keep
their lives private when put to book form yet I keep the actual names that they
submit in article form.
    As we continue
in chapter two, you are going to feel a special inspiration and a very real
desire to take on Ashley’s life because it now seems so perfect. Some of you
will have a strong urge to read the last chapter first to make sure this story
has an ending of happiness and not a cliff hanger or death.  In this story,
there is no death, only renewed life and it is in abundance and so richly

    Ashley completed her Journal entry
for her day March 1 st 2010. It is her first entry into her new
Journal, marking a return to her past. Just two years ago she lost her husband
of many years. Last week she returned to her home town of Myers, PA. A decision
she and her husband talked about when he was in failing health. He encouraged
her to return to her roots that he uprooted her from over 50 years ago.
    She thought about it for two years
and one morning in January she made the decision and set it in concrete by
calling the realtor who had a buyer already lined up for her home when she made
the decision to sell. Less than two months and she not only located

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