Taming His Tutor (Entangled Brazen)

Taming His Tutor (Entangled Brazen) by Natalie Anderson Read Free Book Online Page A

Book: Taming His Tutor (Entangled Brazen) by Natalie Anderson Read Free Book Online
Authors: Natalie Anderson
Tags: Contemporary Romance, Sports, Entangled, brazen, Basketball, geeky, Natalie Anderson, NBA, Taming His Tutor
him naked and thrusting.
    She might only have the one chance at this. Ever. And if she didn’t go for it, she’d regret it. “Trying to nail a home run without touching first base? Surely that means it doesn’t count?” She breathed out. “Wouldn’t it be cheating?”
    His burning expression turned into something else. But she didn’t have a chance to try to analyze it. He grabbed her waist, pulling her up onto her tiptoes as he bent and crashed his mouth down hard on hers.
    First. Fucking. Base.
    This was no soft brush of the lips, no tentative teasing first touch. This was hot, demanding. Hard.
    She gasped. He instantly took advantage, running his tongue between her parted lips, forcing them farther apart. His tongue swirled into her mouth, licking her inside. Making her want him to work that magic elsewhere.
    He lifted her higher and stepped closer, pushing her harder against door with a slight thud, crushing the air from her lungs.
    Who was she kidding? She’d stopped breathing minutes ago when he’d looked at her like that. He lifted his head and looked at her again.
    The veneer gone, all that remained was lust.
    Lust was good.
    He let go of her waist and gripped her hands, stopping her from curling them around his neck. Instead he held them out to the side, pinning her to the door and pressing against her. The wood was cold and hard on the backs of her hands. Joe was hot but even harder. His erection dug into her belly.
    Thank heavens .
    She needed it. The orgasm hadn’t satisfied—instead it had aggravated the hunger inside her. She arched her neck, tilting her head so her lips were his to own. And he took full possession. His mouth ravaged. Long, hungry, rhythmic sucks, his tongue stroking in a demanding circular exploration of her mouth.
    She tried to kiss back, to suck back.
    But the languor was invading.
    Deep in her belly that warm poison was spreading. Loosening her limbs, her muscles, her mind. She rested her head on the wood behind her—letting him go as deep as he liked in her mouth. Wishing he’d go as deep as he could inside her.
    How could he do this with just a kiss?
    But it wasn’t just a kiss. It was an all-out sexual onslaught.
    His hands tightened on her wrists. He was taller, bigger, and he used every ounce of his vastly superior size to dominate her.
    And she liked the helplessness. Relished the way he was ravishing her. She wanted him to do everything.
    Her skin tightened, ultrasensitive. Clothes. Why was she still wearing clothes that hindered his access?
    “You want me to fuck you,” he muttered harshly into her ear. “You want some big strong man to carry you off and make you come. Repeatedly. You want that man to be me.”
    She gasped at his blunt arrogance. Pride made her lash out. “You’re full of it.”
    “Absolutely. And you want it.” He grasped her chin, forcing her to meet his gaze again. “You want me. Say it?”
    He was so arrogant. But the worst thing was, she didn’t care. He saw right through her. She wanted it all. And just him stating it had her on the edge of another intense orgasm. How in the hell was that possible?
    Damned if she could pull herself together enough to answer. All she managed was to open her mouth.
    He pressed against her, kissing her full on the lips again. Fucking her mouth with his tongue until she was hot, melting, and writhing. She needed him to touch her, wanted his big hand to slide up her thigh again. Only this time she wanted him to go further. She wanted him to shove his hand down her waistband, pull aside her panties, and thrust deep. Fingers, cock, tongue.
    She hurt with wanting so much. All of him.
    He thrust his muscular thigh between hers and rocked his pelvis against her in slow, rough moves. And she just let him. He muttered between kisses. Talking dirty—telling her what he knew she wanted him to do. Turning her on in a way she never would have expected.
    More . But she didn’t ask, didn’t move…it was all she could

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