Taming His Tutor (Entangled Brazen)
boldness—the brilliance—of his moves.
    Oh man, his fingers slid higher, firmer up her thigh. He was gazing so hotly, so deeply into her eyes. He was so damn close, and suddenly so was she . She just had to rock her hips that little bit.
    “I know my way around sports facilities,” he said softly, not stopping the skillful slide of his fingers, not lessening his intensity one degree. “There are always small meeting rooms in the corporate entertainment area.”
    She wasn’t really listening. She was looking—those eyes, that height, the sheer, overwhelming masculinity of him.
    And she was feeling. A firm touch. Bold, knowing, teasing. He stroked her inner thigh. Teased his way higher. She drew in another sharp breath, watched the intense darkness swallow his emerald irises. Beautiful man.
    “So we’re…having a meeting?” She swallowed, heat billowing over her. She felt like they were lost in a heated fog, only the two of them.
    “We’re having a moment.”
    Oh, they were. And she wanted it. She’d been wanting it all day. Succumbing to temptation, to that overwhelming heat, she spread her legs just the slightest, allowing him greater access—fully regretting the trousers. If only she’d gone with a skirt, he could have her panties off already.
    But even as he pressed at the uppermost point between her thighs, she closed her legs and clenched on him, imprisoning his hand. This couldn’t happen. Not here. Not now. There were people just on the other side of the door. Thousands of people. And this was Joe Fuller—wanting to touch her ?
    “So tense. So busy thinking,” he chided. “You really need to relax.”
    “Touching me like… that …here isn’t going to help me relax.” She didn’t do this. Didn’t get turned on in a heartbeat. Didn’t want all kinds of wicked without any thought to what might happen later.
    “Sure it is.”
    Even with the limited room she’d given him to move, he hit her groove with his middle finger and pressed his thumb on her clit. Yeah, even blinded by clothing, the man knew his way around the female form. She shivered as a tremor of pleasure racked her. She looked up and was caught again. Watching her intently, that half smile twisting his lips, he ever so cleverly stroked his fingers. Need jackknifed through her. She felt nothing but the raw desire to open up and allow him in as far as he could go.
    He was a man-mountain. Taller than anyone else she’d ever met. And she wanted to hang on and wrap her legs around him. Instead, she curled her fingers into tight, needy fists. This so couldn’t be happening. She couldn’t be about to—
    “You’re damn hot,” he whispered, his fingers rubbing faster against her as she rocked her hips in time to meet his rough hand.
    Oh, she was. Burning up.
    She rested her head back against the door as he stroked her. Speechless, and breathless, she ached for more of his touches.
    This was crazy. But still it wasn’t enough.
    Feverish, she closed her eyes and rocked her hips on his fast-flicking hand. Damn, why wasn’t she naked? Why wasn’t he inside her already?
    More. More. She needed more of his infuriating, delicious teasing.
    “Look at me.”
    She gazed up at him but her vision was glazed over with passion. He was here, all big and strong and touching her—pushing her…
    “Stop thinking and let go, Abbi,” he commanded. “Ride it. Ride me.”
    He rubbed harder, tipping her over the edge.
    O. M. Fucking. G.
    She gasped, her concentration turning inward as her body contracted on the waves of ecstasy. But even as she climaxed, she was astounded. She all but squealed with the pleasure and surprise.
    So easy . So good.
    “Look at that,” he murmured with all the laconic touch of a cliché cowboy. “Sometimes you can hit a home run without touching first base.”

Chapter Five
    A little innuendo goes a long way…
    Home run? Abbi drew in a stunned breath. She needed more. So much more. She needed the big bat. She needed

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