Temporary Master

Temporary Master by dakota trace Read Free Book Online

Book: Temporary Master by dakota trace Read Free Book Online
Authors: dakota trace
and her silence was all
the proof he needed to realize it. “Listen, I don’t mean to belittle you…”
you did a pretty good job of it, Dr. Tremaine.” Her voice was clipped. “But if
you would’ve let me continue I’d have explained. I had one Dom who explored
shibari with me. I’ve also gone to several conferences with him where he
allowed me to be used as a demonstration model, so he could learn how to
correctly tie me. In the end, he decided it wasn’t for him, and we parted ways
shortly thereafter. So while I haven’t truly been suspended, as is common in
kinbaku, I’ve always had the desire to experience it. I thought perhaps this
was the opportunity I was waiting for.” She snorted. “I wish you luck in
finding a submissive who meets your high standards, Sir.” The resulting click
filled the room. He stared at the phone as what happened sunk in. Desperation
tugged at him. She’d actually hung up on him before he could apologize.
I knew I shouldn’t have let you handle this.” Davis’s rueful voice came from
the doorway as he walked back into the room. “What do you say we do this my way next time?”
time?” Hope
smirked. “Now, you really didn’t think I was going to let that little subbie
escape our net, did you?”

Chapter Five
calm silence was deafening after the loud, boisterous tones of her youth class.
Sabella pushed her way into her boss’s office. Looking up from his newspaper,
Kaleb Terzis smiled at her. With his blond hair, and all around American boy
look, he always had a ready smile, whether it was for her, or the disadvantaged
kids they helped each day.
wanted to see me, boss?” She fidgeted in the doorway.
the paper down, he gestured for her to come in. “Yes, come in. How was your
teens’ class today?”
smiled, thinking about Shara and her twin brother, Samuel. At fourteen, they
had already had a rough life, but seemed to find plain old fun as well as
wonderment in the basic art skills. “Crazy as usual. But I really enjoy working with the kids. Particularly the
older ones.”
terror twins giving you issues?” He pushed back from his desk.
shook her head. “They’ve been good. Both of them have quite the eye for art.”
I was hoping this art program would help.” He moved to shut the door. “But it’s
not the reason I called you in here. Have a seat.”
flooded her along with a bit of apprehension as she sank into the chair across
from his desk. “I see. Was it something I did or didn’t do?”
This isn’t meant to be uncomfortable. In fact it has nothing to do with your
job performance here at the youth center.”
eyes widened. “Then what does it have to do with?”
sighed. “I’m sure Lauren told you I’m in the lifestyle?”
course.” She shifted uncomfortably, wondering where Kaleb was going with this
conversation. Surely he wasn’t hitting on her. She was quickly disabused of the
I also am a member of New Beginnings, and this morning I got a rather unusual
request from one of the owners.”
blood froze before embarrassment hit her as her face heated. “I’m sorry if
Davis has been pestering you. He’s been calling me for the past several days
and I keep telling him to…”
held up a hand. “It wasn’t Davis. Relax. It was Dr. Ethan Tremaine.”
heart jumped and she frowned. “Ethan? Why would he be calling you about me?
He’s already decided I was unsuitable…”
chuckled. “Darlin’, if unsuitable is him trying me not only at home, but also
here at the youth center, then I don’t want to know what he’d do if he found
you desirable. He ’d probably would ’ve camped out on
the youth center doorstep when he couldn’t get a hold of me.” He paused. “ Which is exactly what he did. ”
whirling, Sabella tried to grasp exactly what was going on.

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