That Old Black Magic

That Old Black Magic by Moira Rogers Read Free Book Online Page B

Book: That Old Black Magic by Moira Rogers Read Free Book Online
Authors: Moira Rogers
slid the flask back into her pocket. “Are you always this
pleasant to people who just saved your ass?”
    He moved so fast she didn’t
realize he was coming at her until his hands locked around her waist.
She ended up half against the wall, half on the sink, and those dark
brown eyes stared at hers in tense silence before a low, sensual
laugh rumbled out of his chest. “Is that what you think you’re
    “ Shifter. Should have known.”
Polly swallowed hard and gave him a bored look she knew he wouldn’t
buy for a second. Her pulse pounded hard in her ears, and the vague
tingling in her cunt gave way to an insistent throb. “You’re
all bossy, holier-than-thou bastards.”
    He laughed again as he inched
closer, wedging his hips between her legs. “And we can tell
when you like us that way. You’re wet already, just thinking
about getting bent over this sink and fucked into next week.”
    She held her breath and watched a
drop of sweat roll down his neck and disappear beneath his collar.
    “ Wrong?” He pressed
closer, and she felt the hard ridge of his cock grinding against her.
“What, you like to be on top?”
    Don’t answer, Polly. Her hips arched and she bit her lip, but a whimper escaped. “What’s
your name?” She couldn’t tear her eyes away from the
sweat-slicked skin at the base of his throat.
    He swallowed, and his voice grew
decidedly huskier. “Max.”
    “ Max.” She reached up,
slipped her fingers into the damp hair at the back of his neck, and
yanked his head toward hers. She could think of nothing but the taste
and texture of his skin under her tongue, and she whispered his name
again, then licked a path over his stubbled jaw to his ear.
    “ Fuck—” He shifted
her just enough to drop her on the edge of the sink, freeing his
hands to skim up her back and take her shirt with them. “I like
the way you wrap your tongue around my name.”
    The salt tang of his skin sent a
thrill of desire through her, and she shivered. “Wait ‘til
I wrap it around everything else.”
    He groaned and tangled his fingers
in her hair. His grip tightened and he jerked her head back to bare
her throat with a soft growl. “Maybe later.” He whispered
the words against the pounding pulse in her throat and dragged his
tongue over her skin. “I have to be inside you.”
    The low, rough sound of his voice
made her cunt clench, and Polly fidgeted, trying to relieve the wet
ache between her thighs. “I’ll even let you bite me,”
she promised, then dug her nails into his scalp and guided his mouth
to hers.
    His tongue swept across hers with a
lazy skill completely at odds with the leashed tension trembling in
him. One hand stayed in her hair, but the other cupped her breast,
his thumb flicking over the tight nipple. Another shiver wracked her,
and he swallowed her sharp, needy moan.
    Polly had to let go of his head to
tug up his shirt, and she hissed in a breath when her palms glided
over the hard, flat planes of his stomach and chest. “God damn ,”
she muttered against his lips. “Take it off.”
    “ Not much room in here for
stripping,” he murmured in reply. His hand dropped from her
breast to the button on her cargo pants. “Maybe later.”
    “ There is no later,” she reminded him. She pulled her gun free of her
pants and laid it on a shelf beside them. Then her own hand drifted
down between them to stroke his cock through his jeans. “Just
right now.”
    He groaned and thrust against her
palm before redoubling his efforts. Clever fingers wiggled into her
pants and rubbed at her clit through the damp fabric of her panties.
“Too bad. You’re hot when you moan.”
    “ You hate me and everything I
stand for. That’s a built-in expiration date.” Stars
painted the backs of her eyelids, and she pushed at his chest. When
he stepped back, she jumped down and turned around. “Bent over
the sink and fucked into next week, right?”
    His fingers curled around her hips
and he

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